Genderless Locker Room

I should have known it is in California.


16 individual changing rooms, seven private showers, five private toilets,

This should be interesting. A man sits down by his locker and a woman a few feet down total undresses before she puts on a towel and go to her private shower room. Hmmmm

Well I guess it is a locker room and you can dress and undress how you like but in this locker room I would assume they would have dress codes.

Well maybe not. After all, it is California. :wink:

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I can’t wait for the aliens to invade. :unamused:

The aliens would say, “Why do we need locker rooms? We don’t wear clothes.”

Why not just have the same open showers as the rest of the locker rooms?

Well people would go in the shower room but no one would shower. :rofl:

Saturday Night Live is going to have a field day with this.
I too am trying to pursue wellness.

I would have killed for an all gender locker room in junior high/high school. I mean showering with 20 smelly east texas hairy farm boys ain’t exactly my cup of tea. But to each their own.

And that was just the cheerleading squad.

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