George Carlin on Topic -- Clean G- Rated

George Carlin - Clean no rough stuff. on topic.

My favorite Carlin quote was something like: “If you ever want to be depressed, think about how stupid the average American is…and then realize that half of them are stupider than that!”

Not clean but boy oh so accurate! Strong language warning!

And this one is just plain funny!

The man was a genius!

I recently saw John Mulaney on Netflix, He is very similar to John Carlin in my feeble mind.

I was able to see Carlin perform in person before he passed. He’s the GOAT.

There exist an article called the stupidity rules. The one I remember the most is no how many stupid people you think are around you the number is always off by a measure of ten.

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Saw him in the late 70s at the Arena Theater off the SW Freeway. I think it was called Theater in the Round back then.

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A little off topic: My brother is a cop and has been for 35 or so years. Sam Kinnison (sp?) was appearing at a venue outside of Chicago and my brother ended up getting the job sitting outside of his dressing room.

He said Kinnison came out, pulled up a chair and they talked for a couple of hours. He said he was one of the nicest guys he had ever met.

35 Years. God bless. That is a long time for that job.

My 10yr old son got a (kinda sorta not really) introduction to George Carlin last night. He watched one of the worst movies of all time, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure… and loved it. :laughing:

Come on now. That movie was funny as all Hell. Its sequel was a different story though.


When’s the last time you watched it? I remember seeing it in the theater in high school when it came out. I watched again last night… Apparently my tastes have matured. :wink:

Yeah, it came out when I was in high school; I watched it then, and may have watched it once or twice.

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