Give Applewhite credit for one thing... He runs a meritocracy


I have not been happy with many things coaching-wise this year, but I have to give Applewhite some credit for one thing. He runs a meritocracy at his program.

He gave a Junior former 5 star recruit the chance to begin the year at QB and after he didn’t perform well, he was benched.

He gave a senior back up QB that had made several plays for the program over the years a chance and he didn’t perform up to par either, so he was benched and gave the nod to the sophomore part time QB - and it paid off.

One thing I appreciate about Applewhite is that he’s not afraid to make swift decisions based on performance. I’ll give him credit for that.


Not sure that’s meritocracy. He played the highest rated recruit who didn’t fit the offense. Then he played the senior with the most experience, not necessarily the most skilled. Then he played the guy who most fit the offense after the other 2 didn’t pan out.

I understand the King injury argument and I will give him credit for making changes after the others lacked the success we wanted, but failure to adapt the system to player skills and just keep throwing guys out there until someone succeeds isn’t a sign of great coaching


Same argument could be made for Car. Catalon was the highly rated recruit who got the carries but didn’t necessarily have the most success

(Mike Higdon) #4

When a head coach makes a promise to a recruit, that is the same as the school giving it. I wonder if Herman gave promises and CMA was giving them a chance because of said promises. They had their chances. Now, its on to King and Car.


And please don’t sleep on Patrick Carr. Appliewhite needs to put politics aside and put the speed Patrick Carr (10.54) on the field. With all these change he might just save his job


If keeping a promise hurts the team, it breaks the implied promise to the rest of the team to play whomever gives the team the best chance to win.

Applewhite should know that better than most with the Chris Simms situation


did you not watch the tech game?
a qb switch should hvae been made sooner and we’d have won

mulbah and lark are only playing because of injury