Go Army

(WRB) #1

Let’s hear it for the ground pounders!


I would like to see Army in the AAC.

(Ryon Adams) #4

Just watched it. GREAT win!

(Mike Higdon) #5

But how can you win just running the ball with the same plays? They had nine – yes 9 – plays in their repertoire for this game. And, except for their pass, half were the same plays run to the other side. I was pulling for Army (I always do unless they play us or Navy) and was glad to see them win. They possessed the ball over 46 minutes which is the only way they kept the Aztecs from scoring.

(WRB) #6

It’s all in the execution. If you are disciplined enough to do it (and our military academies should be the epitomy of discipline), you don’t need a large complicated playbook. Of course you also need excellent technique, with very few penalties or turnovers. It has proven to be a consistent method for less talented or physically gifted teams to compete. Coaching and execution can take you a long way.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #7

Great win, I’m happy to see Army winning on the regular.


Army is no joke!

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #9

I’m with you. I like Army, always cheer for them to beat Navy.

Glaf to see them winning again.