Go Memphis! Beat Navy!

Let’s go root on Memphis tomorrow!


Navy totally dominated a Fuente coached Memphis team in Memphis last year … in the end it wasn’t even close.

So it should be interesting if the tigers under a new HC and DC can figure out the midshipmen and their outside pitch when our DC could not.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Navy team that showed for our game will show up today or the team that showed for the previous 3 games where they struggled and probably should have lost 2 of those 3 if UCONN hadnt basically handed the game to them.

Hoping and praying we see the Navy team that struggled with Tulane.

I would hate to go to Alabama for a bowl game against 7-5 Auburn.

Looking like this is going to be a score fest. If Memphis can avoid turning the ball over, they should be able to outscore Navy.

COME ON! Missed field goal! One score game!

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