Go Montana


Beat Michigan! 7 - 0 Start!


Michigan looks very stale.


Michigan looks BIG and WEAK!


9 - 0! And a freethow to come!


Michigan hasn’t played in 2 weeks, let’s see how it plays out after they get warmed up

(Mike Higdon) #6

It’s early; don’t get too excited. I don’t care who wins this game, I’m ready to beat them in the next game.


Speed is giving Michigan problems…think Houston!


A former Coog has 1/2 of michigans points: jaaron simmons, who transferred to Ohio when dickey got fired, then grad transferred to Michigan.

(Patrick) #9

Always liked Ja’Aron. He was going to leave no matter what as he was homesick. Glad to see him doing well.


Michigan is not that great of a shooting team…BEATABLE!