Going Forward


We have to curb stomp ECU. Period. We now have our QB, RB and enhanced WR. We need to win out big, go to a bowl, crush it and begin the next season ranked. Watch recruiting go up.

Would you rather play in waco?
At UT that is not the same as Herman’s first year here

we need to be the a legit choice to stay home.

Go Coogs!


D King is playmaker.no doubt. Lets see if he can win games with his arm as well as his legs like Greg Ward did in 2015. If he is more legs than arm then he is Greg Ward of 2016 when Greg’s shoulder was hurt.

With all that said, if DKing is what we hope he is, we will win out. That sets up next year very well.

I am excited about the ECU game because I want to see if King improves each game. If nothing else King has made the rest of the season interesting.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #3

King will get all first team reps and more attention to the passing game will no doubt happen this week in practice.

DK looks to be a special talent that will create problems for the opponent, but our other skill players need to keep improving. Confidence begets more confidence.

And Postma has a role, too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back at some WR. The guy has heart and a contributor.

It will happen my fellow Coogs, I see three more wins to finish off the season.


Did you see the TD to Lark? He can throw.

(Mike Higdon) #5

Make that 4 counting post-season.

(Tom) #6

Teams have film on DK now, and knowing our coaching staff, I wouldn’t be too confident of winning any game… not even against ECU

(Eric Prado) #7

People had tape on Ward too.


As bad as ECU is, we’re gonna have to throw against them due to our DC continuously giving 10 yards cushion on every play. Like I said before the USF game, Flowers is not a good passer, but Sirk is better. Hopefully we can get a passing game going. We have the triple option next week. :no_mouth:

(PMM) #9

Actually in 2plus weeks as we are off after ECU.

(Cary) #10

We need those weeks to get some guys healthy.



Especially Matt Adams. I’m not sure he should have tried to play vs USF, but we will need him versus Tulane and Navy.