Golden: Central Florida is a lesson to all: Expand the CFP

(Patrick) #1

Austin writers seem to be on the playoff expansion train as Bohls had an article up about it earlier in the week and now Golden writes about it. Guessing the Horns think they have a shot and want to make sure they get in.

Rarely are there more than a handful of elite college teams by Week 12, so six would be a nice number for expansion. Award five spots to the winners of the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, ACC and Big Ten. The remaining spot could go to the Group of Five team most deserving of the spot. Award the top two seeds a first-round bye while 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5 in the quarterfinals. The top seed would play the lowest remaining seed in the semifinals, with the finale being played on the third Monday in January, one week later than the current championship schedule.

If that’s not good enough, consider expanding to eight teams over three weeks.

It’s time. The game has gotten so big that accountability has to be everything. The playoff has been well received over the first four years, but the noticeable lack of consistency by the selection committee demands that more teams be included.


6 teams and a bye for top two is just asking for a committee to manipulate the seeding as a bye week is a HUGE advantage. 8 teams seems like it would have less significant controversy on who gets left out and doesn’t give 2 teams a big advantage with a bye.

(Mike) #3

The snake in the grass here is the seeding, which would be inevitable. Guess where the “G5” team would be seeded every year. Dead last. That means that as long as this P5 crap remains in place the G5 team would start every playoff playing Alabama or a comparable team. Sure we might win once in a while, but over all it’s a stacked deck. And rest assured every P5 team would beat us over the head with it every year in recruiting.

No thanks. I’ll take a NY6 game. Win a couple more of those and UH or UCF will have a shot at the 4 team playoff.


Any playoff system that is predicated on public opinion, speculation, rankings and polling is subjective at its core and only serves to reinforce the collective bias that is ESPN and the P-5 conferences. The FCS has the best playoff system. Just duplicate it.

As much as I hate big government, I do believe we need a sports commissioner that will make the decisions about sports in terms of fairness, safety, rules, equality and economics because the NCAA has relinquished their responsibility out of fear that the big schools will create their own governing body.


Great idea GooseCreek - let a federal official takeover the leadership of the Division 1 college FB playoff system as well as the distribution of broadcast/television revenues since the NCAA leadership has demonstrated that it simply cannot govern this fairly or equitably.


I’m OK with that. You can’t win without beating the best team, anyway - much better to play them first, when more of the team is healthy.

(Trent) #7

Never forget that the NCAA used to determine television distribution, but was sued, with Oklahoma as the lead plaintiff, to give that control to the conferences. Now look where we are.