Gonna be a Long Year

I was frustrated too but I’m glad I waited to see the second half before expressing it publicly.

Are you kin to diehardcoog ? ? ? ? ?

With a safety’s coach and a cornerbacks coach on staff for the entire offseason I expected a lot more from our defensive backfield. We have an incredible pass rush and a rice qb picked us apart.

My bad for having high expectations with more individualized coaching.

DL was terrific. Carter, EO, Chambers lived in the backfield.
DBs were, meh.
I did think we played the DBs closer to the LOS than we did last year.
What I seem differently from the Gibbs, Orlando days is this. We don’t get up into the chest of the WRs at the LOS. We always give a free release to the WR. And that is fine. It is riskier to try bump and run.

The other things I see different is that the DBs go for the hit and not the pick.

I don’t mind getting burned as much when you get three or four TOs/game.

Sitting back and getting picked apart drains tons of clock and wears down the D…especially when you already have a quick strike O.

Not a fan of D’onofrio’s style. But it is who we have. If Gibbs or Orlando become available next year we should look into them again.


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