Good Football Story - Not Houston Related

(Chris Vaughan) #1

(Patrick) #2

A little UH related, he’s position squad-mates with Matt Adams (although, not mentioned in the article).

Good story. Crazy how things can change in an instant in this life.

(jim) #3

Leonard’s story is of a young man who grew up in difficult circumstances but through his hunger, drive, hard work and some natural talent exceeded all expectations. Hopefully our coaches know how to spot these hidden diamonds. Great story, Chris. strong text

(Mike Higdon) #4

I love these kinds of stories. I was by no means in poverty as a kid, but we weren’t wealthy either. But, when I read stories like this, I realize how good I really had it. When I see how these kids can still work their way out of their situation it really inspires me.

But you know what inspires me just as much, if not more, is when I see kids without the athletic ability make it through hard work and sacrifice to earn their education, or marketable skill, and work their way out of similar situations.

Years ago I worked for Brown & Root and was in the tall building at the Clinton Drive offices. A guy in the drafting room was looking out the window at the depressed area that bordered the B&R complex on the east side. He was pointing out a house he could see and told his friend that was where he was raised, but while his friends were always hanging out and partying, he was working nights and studying. He made it through San Jac and got an associates degree. He was working as an electrical design draftsman at B&R and doing well. He said some of his high school friends were sitting on their porches or still hanging out and doing drugs while complaining about how they were being held down by “the man.”