Good Grief, Matthew Huhn

Was checking out some of our commits and who was also recruiting them. If who wants them counts, we’re getting a very impressive groups of kids, and then I came to Matthew Huhn. Have you guys seen who’s been recruiting him? Sure, there’s the typical Cornell, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Army, Penn, Harvard and Rice. But when you toss in Michigan, Cal, Iowa State, Illinois, UCF and Baylor, the kid must have some game, as well as being a 6-7 Oliner. And who said the Oline is filled with big dummies. Whew.

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Yeah, his offer list is incredible. 7 of the 8 Ivies (not sure what Dartmouth’s problem is), but then some powerhouse football schools as well. Exciting get.

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Definitely excited about this young man wanting to be a Coog.

He will be enrolling in the UH Honors College.

John Jay football player excels on and off the field

Matthew Huhn is pretty easy to spot on the football field. His size and talent are helping him continue his playing career at the the University of Houston, but that’s not the only thing he excels at.

About 3:32 long.

This guy is going to be a leader down the road.

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Bryson Smith the quarterback UH has a commitment from, has been having an impressive senior season.

The 2017 football recruiting class seems pretty good. May be better than the 2016 class overall.

This is what we need to build the depth to compete against anyone in the country. Because you know injuries happen in football. Having back to back highly rank classes will a long way towards next year’s team.

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Thinking about where we need help at for next year:

Jeremy Singleton (Wr, LA) could have an opportunity to play early at the slot position splitting time with Stevenson. (Assuming Samples makes the smart decision and retires)

Joe Anderson (DE/DT, MS) should be in the dline rotation from day 1.

The ILB spot is interesting. Steven Taylor is graduating and we have 3 commits, but I the like the RFr out of Galveston to take over that position. Should be healthy competition for whoever is besides Matt Adams.

I would be surprised to see anyone else contribute immediately. Maybe if one of the corners can push for the backup job.

QB- maybe mix in the slot reciever spot (?)
ILB- Maybe Marqez Bimage can challenge at OLB. His highlight tape is scary good on the edge. Sanogo and Parish have a lot of guys vying for the ILB job.
OLB- don’t know what to think of Terrel Bernard. Anyone else seen his video? I bet the starters will be Godfrey and Egbule.
S- Stiner will probably help on special teams. I wonder where Wilder fits in next year? Who will be the slot guy with BW gone? (My hope is Garrett Davis, with both Williams as the other 2 safeties)
CB- who knows. Maybe one of them impressive enough to overtake the current backup Fr CB (both named Smith)


Still have 2 ships to give out also.

I’m also a big fan of Singleton. I bet he starts from game one. He has that quick twitch athleticism that you need in the slot that UH lacks this year with Ayers moving to the NFL. It also seems that he grew an inch now, he is listed at 6-1 now. Maybe able to play some outside with his speed.

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How/where do you find info on how many scholarships we have left to offer?

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