She;s elected

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But how can she get elected in Texas with that record on crime? Seems like it would be easy to run and defeat such a mindset. The incident you just spoke too should be enough to ruin her reputation.


Based on the last election, it’s going to be very hard for any non-Democrat to win elected office in Harris County. Heck, even in Fort Bend County there’s been a “blue wave.” Last election, Dems won every judicial race in Fort Bend County except for one JP race. This is certainly a change from the past. I remember back in the late 90s when I was in private practice in Fort Bend County, the Dems often didn’t even have a candidate in most of the judicial races there.

Back on Ogg, perhaps some other Democrat will defeat her in a Dem primary at some point. That’s probably the best bet to unseat her.

agree but then again…it’s Harris County

Glad I don’t live there any more and haven’t for almost 2 decades.

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Ed’s beef is they should not have pulled him over, maybe the beer
between his legs caused him to maneuver unsafely or maybe they saw
him drinking the beer. Either way I am glad it is not a DWI.

KInd of hard not pull him over when they get a 911 call on him and they witness him going 35 mph over the speed limit. The ticket alone should have cost him a nice fine. Then a open container between the legs which got reported to be on his driver side door. Speeding way above the 20 mph threshold, weaving, an open container and a gun. They needed to do their jobs.


The supposed 911 call said, “driving erratically in a construction zone”. Normal citizens do not make references to instances that double the traffic fine. I would definitely (they probably did) demand to hear the actual call. The traffic laws are designed as a revenue source for municipalities. They are abused constantly.

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Pulling someone over for going that far over the speed limit would hardly constitute an “abuse.”

But in the end, the DWI and weapon charges for dismissed, so let’s all be happy for Ed in that regard.

Anyone know what a “negative” blood test is for alcohol? I’m used to hearing a percentage, like .08%. Saying negative, to me, implies 0%. With an open beer in the vehicle, I’m not sure I buy that.

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There is plenty here to speculate on that the whole truth isn’t out there. To your point, an open beer between the legs as per one officer reported. But I’ll assume the blood test showed that he wasn’t impaired, not that he didn’t have any beer in him.

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I would think here that negative means the results definitely showed his BAC as well below the legal limit for prosecuting purposes.

I’ve heard in twitter that the open container may have just been a spit cup for tobacco…if true, still a bad idea to use a beer can for a spit cup

Haven’t heard that. It may Twitter speculation. But I did listen to Ed with Mark Berman on Twitter and Ed questioned how could a 5’8" cop see the open container of beer between his legs. No mention by Ed that it was a spit can.

The police report listed the open container was found in the driver side door according to news reports.

Also, for an open container not to be legal, it must contain alcohol and cannot be empty. It can’t be an open container of Coke or Pepsi and so forth. Not sure how they would classify a spit can except they couldn’t list it as an open container if it didn’t contain alcohol.

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You are making a dangerous assumption. The police, the judge and the lawyers only had access to the police report. Did the police try to make an example out of Ed? That is highly plausible. It has happened multiple times and in some cases rightfully so. Here is why. Our society has put professional athletes on a pedestal. Charles Barkley told me one night that schools and pro leagues do very little to prepare athlete for their professional lives. It is true here in America but also in Europe and South America (don’t know about Japan)
Ed does not strike me as someone that will be stupid enough to get involved in this even if he is a young adult. This is not like ED is your common young man. Everybody knows who he is. We already would have known if he was irresponsible especially with drinking around his area or in the Buffalo area.

Sergio, unless you have proof that would stand up in court, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Sounds like another “victim of society” !

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The DA said he had no evidence. Kind of difficult to continue to prosecute when the blood test says zippo!

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Political posts incoming. Some people just can’t help themselves!

So really is that your birthday?

If he were judged as any other person in Houston under the same circumstances I think it would be the same.

Regardless, I expect they took his gun and in many places those are never given back to their rightful owner. Worst case, if he DID test positive for alcohol or drugs he would spend a night in jail unless somebody took custody and let him sleep it off at home, pay a higher fine than I can afford but easy for him, and have a ,ark on his record. In the end, attorneys and courts make their money.

If tested positive and he has a LTC, that would be revoked, his firearm would be lost, he would pay higher fines attorney and court fees would go up. Being an honest citizen and an LTC cost more, go figure.

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