Good thing TSU is next

(Ryon Adams) #1

The team, and especially, THE DEFENSE needs a week to regroup.

Then…for conference…we go BACK on the offensive!

(Cary) #2

We’ll have two weeks to figure it out. Early bye week this year.


Excuses? Better crowds at 11 am games?

(James Duncan) #4

King may have 6 TDs in the first half vs TSU

(Cary) #5

Whatever the score, the starting secondary better the in the field the whole game. They need the reps.


Won’t be no one there to see it


I love TSU but I hope this is last time on schedule…The games are real barn burners and do less than zero to get folks out to The Cage

(Cary) #8

We only did it because of the basketball arena. It was non-negotiable for TSU.

(Patrick) #9

Eh…I’m ready to see some of the other guys in there. Put Small, K.Smith, J.Smith or the freshmen in there and see what they can do. Can’t be much worse.


Yes Sir had heard that and iirc didn’t AD say no more would be scheduled?

(Patrick) #11

We’ll more than likely have an FCS on the schedule next year unless Pez can pull a rabbit out of his hat. Thanks, Hunter.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #12

UH should use this game as a scrimmage and work on some of the depth issues.

TSU probbly won’t provide much more than a JV scrimmage, so the coaches should focus on player technique and reps for the defensive backs should also be a big focus.


The attendance for this game figures to be low. Major Applewhite is doing a good job of killing off the excitement this program had not too long ago. Is this another UT scam. I’m only joking…or am I?


It’ll be nice to be able to have a tailgate and blow a team out. 3-1 is nice in non conference but we should be 4-0!

(Al) #15

Yeah. CMA was also responsible for over 20" of rain in the Carolinas.

Release the hate, Luke.