Good win, but

(Cary) #1

I have one critique.

We were a sack machine on D under Orlando. The pressure was created through a mix of exotic blitzes. The Dvwas aggressive and opportunistic.

The scheme under D’Onofrio is more a containment. Far fewer blitzes and attacking. I don’t know how I feel about that yet.

(David) #2

This defense has been better than what I expected after the reviews of Coach Dorito from the Canes fan base after the hire. My critique for the night on the defense was the execution before the half. On the first play, two defenders took the underneath route and left the deep sideline route wide open. I can only hope that was just missed execution and this was not the call from the sideline with less than 2 mins left in the half.

If Orlando was spicy heat, D’Onofrio seems like he is medium heat. Just when I think UH is getting too soft on the defense they come up with a nice blitz. The jury is still out but the defense is not one of the glaring weaknesses that had to be addressed tonight.

(Brian C) #3

I think tackling needs some assistance.

(PMM) #4

I hate it !!

(Craig C.) #5

Come on people, they have given up 27 an 22 against 2 of the best offenses in college.

(Tom) #6

Great team win, SMU’s offense is lethal and to limit it to 22 points is remarkable. Played clean first half . credit coaching and players . Looked like this team was a coached team, this week

Some items though, tackling and turnovers by Postma in the second half. Postma was great , but forced it on those turnover throws.

If this team can believe in itself the fiesta bowl this year would not be a stretch

Great win !

(JohnnyCougar) #7

This defense has held each opponent to their season low in points. They must be doing something right.

(Cary) #8

The one thing I will say for the defense is the red zone defense is stellar. Teams maybe able to get in the red zone, but they really have to fight to get a TD.

(A.R. ) #9



This team took a huge step forward tonight.
To those who did not make it, you missed a great game. To Major and the coaching staff, my compliments. A great game plan. This team is improving, and coming together.
I have great hope. Go Coogs.

(Chris) #11

The defense has been solid all season. I was very worried before this game. We responded. Ed was and as usual he created havoc. He was outstanding. Postma brings his own “style” into our game plan. I would like to see the WR routes again. One of the int is on a the WR I believe. Our running game was outstanding. We still have a ton of work ahead to keep improving. We are getting better. This is a big win for the entire Team.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #12

That was really my only negative as I left. I give SMU some credit, their skill players kept spinning and driving for those extra yards but we failed to bring some of them down when we got two arms on them. I’m sure we’ll work on that.

All in all I was pretty happy with how it went down.


I liked Orlando’s defense better, just had more swag.

(Eric Prado) #14

I think it’s fair to say this defense has less talent than both of Orlando’s.

(John Simpson) #15

Except when we didn’t.


No “buts”…

(Paul Marlow) #17

I think we have a top 25 defense. While we don’'t blitz every play, the defense also doesn’t give up the big plays. We can win the American with this defense if the offense plays like tonight.


I don’t particularly care how our defense does it. The fact is they don’t allow the opponent to score many points. Credit to D’onofrio and I feel foolish for letting some Miami fans influence my expectations for his time here.

(Ricky ) #19

I wish there was more clarity on what happened to his defenses at Miami

(Jimmy Morris) #20

Substance over flash. This is a defense that doesn’t need to have two gears like we have seen in the past. The last two years our defense made big plays against the big teams but also found themselves giving up a lot of points to teams that honestly weren’t that great. I don’t care how we get to the final score. I just care about the final score. Right now, all 5 games, the defense has done it’s job.