Goodbye to the UC Satellite

The Satellite was always quieter…at least for the semester or so after it reopened after Allison. But I guess I can understand how an open pit in Houston is just not a good idea anymore.

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I have good memories of students gathering around the big tv in the main entry area watching Jerry Springer at the upswing of his fame. That was fun. The post-Allison Satellite was also quite nice but very different. Still have memories of both.

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Hope we don’t change the name here! :sob:

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I saw the OJ verdict at the satellite…that’s my memory


Was there a crowd reaction?

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Yes, that is when I learned how different the trial was for blacks and whites.

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My first college beer was at the UC. For that alone, I’m sad to see it go.

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I didn’t remember them having beer at the Sattelite.

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They didn’t. I think Norb’s confusing the UC with the UC Satellite.


I remember there was this one guy there who kicked everyone’s butt playing Street Fighter. Guy was legend. He didn’t even use Ryu or Ken. :sunglasses:

That was not me but I believe I played my fair share of pinball games…

Could have sworn they sold beer at the Satellite. It was in cans in the glass front fridges. This was back in the mid 80’s. Maybe too far back for you young guys.

I thought sure they sold beer there in the late 70’s.

You guys could be right–I didn’t get there until the early/mid 90’s.


So my memory hasn’t faded that much. I know I had a lot of beers at UH but you always remember the first one.

That’s where I first laid eyes on my wife back in the summer of 83; seems like yesterday.

I started school at UH in 1998. They had a small game room in the satellite, to the left and to the left of the entrance that included a pool table. They sold bottled beer there.


One thing I will miss about the Satellite: If you was a single guy, when I was in school, all the ladies hung out there because the Stories was on starting at 11am. You had to pretend to like the Stories to find someone…lol! My Wife (my friend back then) and her sister would hang there. Well, you will be missed, Satellite!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Building underground venues with open access to rain water runoff is not a good idea in Houston or other areas prone to monsoon like rains.