Grant Stuard - Human Tornado

I’m creating a thread for this guy because I think this kid is going to be some kind of special. I watched him specifically on special teams, particularly kickoff coverage, against Rice. He was always the first guy down the field and nearly always on the bottom of the pile. I love the speed and tenacity at which he plays and it’s going to translate well to when he finds himself playing on defense, whether as a linebacker or safety.


I saw him at OLB in 4Q. Seems really undersized (short) for that position.

We’ve had many undersized Linebackers who have done great at UH. Most don’t go on to the NFL, but we like smaller, faster LBs here. But I do agree that he seems really small for that position. If he doesn’t grow a lot, he’ll probably do better at safety or nickel with that speed and strength.

He’ll probably play the slot corner role that Khalil Williams is currently playing. I believe he’s listed as Williams’ backup on the depth chart, but they were swapping Williams with Austin Robinson in the first half.

He is actually listed at 6’0" which is an inch taller that K. WIlliams at the rush OLB. He just needs some weight, he is 18. I agree with you, this kid is special. It blows my mind he was listed as a 2* recruit. He is one of the few true freshmen to get playing time in both games and one of the first to get his blue stripe removed in practice.

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Was he listed at 6’ in the program? The roster on show 5’11 198. I’m not going to quibble about an inch but it seems, with the way we use our OLBs in the pass rush, we’d want them a little taller, 6-2 or more. I’m not worried about his weight. I was just referring to his listed height.

I was going off of his UH and 247 profile - 6’0" 200. As a reference point, Bowser was 6’3" and 240, but he was also an elite player. So, if Stuard gets another inch or two and 20-30 pounds… Watch out!

It’s possible he may grow some. Puberty generally lasts about 5 years and ends in boys around 17-19 although certainly latter growth, into the early 20’s is known. I wouldn’t count on his getting much taller. If he’s that talented (and he really does hustle, but that isn’t the same a talent) the coaches will find a way to utilize him.

He is not rush end

Correct. He’s a nickel back.

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Not according to the roster or where he played during the game.

Im hearing that undersized OLB type called an elephant sometimes.

So stoked with how fast and powerful for his size he looks as a true frosh.

Do you think Williams is playing rush end? No, that’s our nickel back spot.

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Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s great and will make lots of plays in his UH career. All I’m saying is that an important role for our OLBs is to pass rush, which he can do, but at his height that’s all he can do unless he has like a 40+ inch vertical. The only way a guy 5’11" can disrupt 6’2"+ passer is to bull-rush him and knock the blocker into the QB. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become at some point a dedicated safety or nickel or short yardage run stopper from the outside, like against Navy.

He is lined up at the OLB position on the weak side. Nickel is to drop five into coverage, but that is not what he is doing. He rushes on this play, he is not the end rusher, but he is acting as a OLB.


They interviewed Stuard before the season and he said he is going to play nickel. He said in the interview that he was excited because there were several blitz packages featuring that position

His speed on special teams was other-worldly. Easily the fastest man on the field.

I stand corrected then.

That’s not where he is the backup, his spot is the same as Williams and that is where he plans to play from all interviews.
Too quick to reply, should have read the rest of the responses first

Nickel or a hybrid linebacker in a pass happy league. He can blitz or cover much like Brandon Wilson did for us last year. He does have some crazy wheels.

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