Gray, Vanbeck, D. Davis & Zanna - Houston vs UCONN, Sunday at 3 pm (W 81-71)

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Devin has a polished game this year. Nura was a find who got real good in a season. But we Coogs owe a bunch to Rob who became more than a scorer he became a general this year. He and Wes are at the heart of the culture of this year’s overachieving, breakthrough team. They created the momentum we all hope will last a few seasons.

They all play their last regular season game for us on Sunday. Come watch them play in person and send them off to the AAC and NCAA Tournies with love and respect.

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They are not overachieving. They are realizing the extent of their abilities…both through personal growth and through effective coaching.

I hope this momentum does not last a few season. I’m hoping this is the start of many decades of consistent tournament appearances.

And agreed…this team deserves to feel appreciated. They’ve helped make Houston Cougar basketball relevant (and dangerous) again.

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What did Mike do to you?


I actually thought about putting mic but thought I’d run with mike…since he was already mentioned.

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Regardless of how the post season turns out, I must say that this team has been fun to watch this year.

They play hard, they hustle, play defense and have multiple players that can score. Depth has been the best in a long time.

Penders had a couple of teams that played a similar game, but I think this team has better balance.

Fun year !!

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got mine just now.

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next year we gonna be loaded.

harris will be getting zana’s minutes
white starting next year
Gresham backing up white
brooks starting next year
hinton/Jarreau getting van beck’s minutes

c. davis

grant, a. davis, alley, Adewunmi, Sangoyomi, and Broodo on bench to round out the depth.

our future is bright!


I would pay to see the practices next sept. Hinton, Jarreau, and Gresham are gonna be pushing for minutes.

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I don’t speculate who plays in what order and position, but next year is going to be even more exciting than this one, I predict.

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Glad to hear Wes might be sticking around. While I hope he gets to play quite a few extra games this year, it would be nice for him to continue to experience the program’s ascension.

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Fans need to show up for this game to send these seniors out the right way in their last “home” game.

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Connecticut has had a down year again and their coach in trouble. According to many, they played their best game of the year the other night in beating Temple. They have Jalen Adams and may be last regular season game for Ollie. They may be tougher than we think.

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