Great Halftime Adjustments

Great adjustments today. That’s a sign of good coaching. I can’t wait until next Saturday.


Agreed!!! CMA hasn’t been very ggood at that. That was my worry coming out of halftime today.

The first half really felt like we were trying to get our game day legs under us. That wasn’t an issue for Rice since they had already played a game. Offense was very, very vanilla in the first half, but we opened it up a bit more in the second half. I’m making the choice to disregard the first half of today’s game as a warmup and focus on the fact that we won the second half 28-3 and our offense looked like the Briles/Sumlin offenses of old. If we can do that for 4 quarters against Zona next Saturday, I like our chances.


Defense today reminded me of the Navy game last year. Gave up a lot of points first half, adjusted and held them in check second half.

Offense adjustments were on point. Most QBs have something they have to do to calm down, stop thinking so much and trying so hard. For GW2 it was short throws and screens to prove to himself he could complete a pass. For D’Eriq it seems to be long completions. He settles down after his first strike downfield.


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