Great pic from the Arizona game

If you want, “caption this pic”


I’m still in awe he was able to stay on his feet to get that TD. Stuck his hand in the ground to stay up, then dragged his foot to cut back across the field. As an athlete, this dude is another level up from what Arizona had on their defense. Can’t wait to see him do the same against Tech this week.


Who took my trash can full of letters?


And that’s a sideline infraction, coach.


I think I left my gold-plated iron on at home!!!

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I didn’t even notice Scumlin. That face is classic!


Was he saying WOW! or Duh?

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…or dropping a load.


I just noticed what makes this pic great! Scumlin! Gold! That will go on my end of the year UH frame.

Scumlin, and the dude behind his right ear, both have their jaws dropped in shock. I love it.

Pic of the day!


Marquez is a MAJOR talent, he’s just had terrible luck the past two seasons with injury. Here’s to him staying healthy. He is incredibly fast and fleet of foot.


Sumlin’s cardinal red sure looks scarlet to me.

That play by Marquez was pretty special in that he took a hit, spun out of traffic, and then had the vision to cut back across the field to score when many would have been tackled or run out of bounds.


I truly believe Marquez will blow the doors off the numbers Demarcus Ayers put up in 2015. This not a knock against DA at all, but just an exercise in showing how great Stevenson can be in a Briles offense. Just for grins:

2015 Demarcus Ayers (whole season (14 games))

  • Rushing: 25 attempts for net 147 yards and 1 TD
  • Receiving: 1222 yards (12.5 YPC) with 6 TDs (breaks down to 87.28 yards per game)

2018 Marquez Stevenson (2 games)

  • Rushing: 3 attempts for net 120 yards and 1 TD
  • Receiving: 147 yards (21.0 YPC) with 2 TDs (breaks down to 73.5 yards per game) (note: would have had 81 more yards and a TD if he hadn’t dropped that bomb that hit him in stride in the Arizona game) (also note: King threw that ball from our 13 yard line to the Zona 30 yard line. That’s 57 yards in the air and hit his receiver in stride in the hands. The play before he threw the ball from our 12 yard line to the Zona 38 yard line (50 yards in the air) and hit Lark in stride. Wow!)

Edit to add the video. Again, wow!

Marquez is going to greatly benefit from an offense that doesn’t throw 20 WR/bubble screens per game. I think he ends up with at least 15 total TDs this year and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t have 1100 yards receiving and 500 yards rushing, even if we only play 13 games compared to the 14 we played in 2015.


That little quick stutter step cutback to get him in the EZ made their defenders look like they were on a different, lower, level.


Caption…WTF !!!


I think we are using the bubble screens so far just the right amount. It’s a great play, but can be overused IMHO non-coach cred opinion.

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Agreed. It’s a great play if it’s set up well. When it’s predictable, like it was the last 2 years, it’s not great.

We need to block the bs better. If the spacing can get better, and effective blocks made, the bs could be a great offensive weapon, but it gets blown up all too often. Blocking too early results in offensive pass interference. Personally don’t know how to correct the problem, but I have seen some teams make great gains using the play . . . . .

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