Gregg Marshall Out At Wichita?

Sounds like drill sargent

…punching a player “sounds like a drill sargent?”

More like Woody Hayes

Guy can coach basketball but he’s a whack job


Uhggg I really hope the Shockers don’t become some UMass type add.


He gone.

ill be surpsied if they fired him…but a lot of surprising things are happening so who knows

they have had almost a decade of constant sellouts because of him, they win at an elite level because of him (despite horrible recruiting grounds). he has remained loyal to them despite tons of offers
this is a fire-able offense at a top tier program. but not the greatest coach of a smaller program when the coach is still in his prime for incidents that happened 4 years ago


I doubt he gets fired for all the reasons you laid out. I have been wondering should he have taken another job over the last few years. He may have peaked at Wich St along with being in a harder league. Its still a good job but sometimes you can stay too long.


All of this personality stuff may have been kept under cover because he was winning. Now that he’s in a tougher league the pressure to win may be getting to him.

scratch everything i just said …goodman is coming with a more indepth story, claims racism…in this climate, he might not survive

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Also I saw Shaq Morris is on the record that Marshall punched him with a bunch players confirming it.

How hard is it to keep your hands to yourself? I’m surprised an athlete wouldn’t go off and make him regret for ever touching them.

I think there are too many allegations for him to defend. Losing just about the whole team to transfer definitely not helping his case.
Wichita state basketball has a huge supportive fanbase. Seems a good place to coach. I can’t imagine they’ll have much trouble replacing him.


Wonder how much Charles Koch influence will wield in this decision? Since he is the $$ man, he may have the power to keep Marshall’s job since there friends.

Of his caliber they will definitely have a hard time replacing him…

Wichita has no recruiting grounds or recruiting history…was a deep mid-major just 4 seasons ago…Wichita looks good because they always win… put 3 bad seasons in a row at Wichita and they’ll start looking real ecu-ish (who also has a huge fan base when they are decent )

And Marshall was loyal to them, that loyalty might not be there with a new coach…


I think this investigation and all of this coming out is, in part, because he’s going to be fired. I think the school wants to fire him with cause.


Hmm… thought the midwest was pretty good recruiting ground, but then again I’m sure it’s tough to compete for recruits against the Kansas, Iowa, Indiana types.

Whatever they do, it bodes well for us for them to stay competitive so hopefully they get it right.

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i think its the opposite…goodman has been reportedly on this investigation for MONTHS… all the serious allegation are from 4-5 years ago, and widely known by the program for years…

all of this seems like a brilliant move to SAVE Marshall. Wichita caught wind of the investigation by goodman and “started” their own investigation, leaked the investigation to the athletic and had that story break before goodman… if the goodman story had broke first without doing anything theyd have just had to fire him and would have a hard time stalling, “why havent you fired him yet”… now “they are in the middle of an investigation” and will have the option to see if this story stays in the headlines and stall…also noting most of the witness only spoke to goodman and refused to talk to the investigators at Wichita

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