Grimes is too passive

I’m not a basketball officionado as I normally post on the football board, but I feel like Grimes is wasting his talent in this offense.

A player with his skills needs to assert himself during multiple points in the game to help the team more. When the team gets down, why can they only depend on a freshman to bail them out? Grimes should be another option.

It’s frustrating to have someone on the floor that could really take the team to another level but they look more like a role player.



He had 4 points, 2 assists and 1 rebound tonight. Then missed the free throws at the end of the game.

I don’t get it.


He hasn’t looked explosive but wondering how much of this in still in play:


He’s on the floor enough for me not to take an injury as an excuse.

The only issue I see is his preference to pass the ball to another guy instead of challenging some defenders.


He has definitely been a disappointment in several games already, not the least of which was the OSU game. Very inconsistent on offense. Good floor game, but his offense has been lacking. If it weren’t for Mills, this team would be in big trouble.

Injuries would perhaps explain the inconsistency. Whatever the situation, his minutes should drop if he doesn’t show improvement.

Grimes has bailed the team out a couple of times when no one else seemed to be able to make a basket. It isn’t like playing cards though. You can’t just tuck 20 points in your sleeve and pull them out whenever needed.

Consistency is the main reason why I think Grimes is back next year.


I suspect that the injury is why we see him shooting a ton of threes (which isn’t his strength) instead of driving to the rim. He’s a streaky shooter, so he scores a lot of points when his shot is falling and not much otherwise.


a sidenote: from aaron mckies post game —temple came in with the intention to shut down grimes

mckie said nate pierre louis (one of the best perimeter defender in the country, and why temple was statistically the best defense in the conference) job was to key in and stop grimes…and he did a good job…but thats why its hard to beat houston, you cant just focus on any 1 player…


What I’ve seen is not about shooting consistency, it’s about his will to take shots at all.

If he was shooting the ball enough and had low percentages that is one thing. But he is not taking shots or driving to the basket consistently outside of some 3-pointers every once in awhile.

He can’t score points if he doesn’t shoot!


We are winning !!


Different era - these kids are burned out on hoops cause they play too much starting as youth. Less opportunities to turn it on mentally. Your not getting that hungry player from the 70s mentality

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Maybe his foot is bothering him. I prefer a driving Grimes too.

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I think it is his foot.

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Say what ?


There are 2 ends of the court and I don’t remember him being pulled for anything on the defensive end.

I am not an expert, but just don’t see NBA yet. I think he sticks for another year or two.


Grimes and Mills are tied for the most field goal attempts on the team at 164. How can the guy who is leading the team in field goal attempts be accused of not shooting enough? Could he shoot more? Sure. Mills takes more shots per minute played than anyone else on the team. White is number 2 and Grimes 3.

Last night, shots per minute played came as Mills, White, Jarreau, Grimes. Grimes shots/minute were just slightly below his season average.

I think the issue is we seem to run the offense through Mills of Grimes or Hinton…I would love for all these guys to be equally hot in a game but perhaps that is just not possible.
And Grimes may just be reacting to who the hot hand is…and if it’s not him he doesn’t feel the need to try and force it.
I think he needs more consistency and perhaps he will develop this before the year is out.

Foot, knee and hip injuries are hard to get rid of and they keep cropping up when you think you are feeling OK.