Happier now?

(PortlandCoog) #1

Not looking to pick a fight, just I hope the mood of the board is better this week. Not that we don’t have lot’s yet to improve on… but, enjoy the ride all. Enjoy the ride.


Great game all around. Only negative is the turnovers, but played well enough to overcome them

(PortlandCoog) #3

Yeah, but lots of improvement all around, including the variety of plays, and going downfield.


And a lot less penalties. The ones we had were dumb, but there weren’t many

(Brad) #5

Of course. Just win baby!!


Very encouraging performance.

(Patrick) #7

Best full game performance of the year.




Run DMC took care of buisnes…Da Man Catalon and Car!!

Defense played strong.


Solid win. Postma is the man for 2017.

(Ryon Adams) #11

The Oline play and running game are looking a lot better.


SMU is a good team and we beat them. I think we are a good team that gets Navy and Memphis at home. I really like our chances.

As the season plays out we are finding that Tech (our only loss) is a pretty good team.

(Bryant Hargrave) #13

I’ve been harsh on the team offense up to this point. This was an excellent complete gave. They keep this up I will happily eat my harsh words


I’m always happy with a win but that was a great game to watch, Go Coogs!


Extremely happy about last night. I wasn’t having good thoughts about this season, but after last night I think we can win some games I didn’t think were possible the day before.


I’m happier. I was feeling a little scroomy.


Purring like a kitten. When can I watch it on youtube?


I’m still trying to get used to the “bend but don’t break” defense. My blood pressure really likes the “shut them down totally and never let them close to the goal line” defense. But we held SMU to 14 points LESS than number 6 ranked TCU did. If our offense continues steady improvement, and if Catalon has really found himself, then I think we run the table.

(Butch) #19

Don’t get me wrong, Car is no Robert Newhouse…yet…but the kid runs so much like he did and has great balance. I am glad he got some touches tonight because I think the coaches are gaining confidence in his running. Newhouse, for you young guys, had tree trunk legs and ran very low to the ground. He was a load to bring down and went on to have some really good years with the Cowboys…

(Cougarpad) #20

There was no way we were shutting down SMU offense completely. Also everybody wanted to keep David Gibbs when Herman took over because of his good defense. His defense was bend but not break as well. Orlando had his share of not shutting the other teams down games as also.