Harvey's effect on attendance for UTSA game

First, my and my family’s thoughts and prayers go out to all Houstonians, and especially to the team, coaches, and all associated with UH, and my fellow COOGFANS effected by the storm. In light of the disastrous effects of Harvey, I would think, if the game is not postponed or cancelled, the attendance for the game would be greatly reduced. I live in SA, and if the game goes forward I will attend to show support for Houston, the team, and our university. GO COOGS


From a selfish standpoint, I hope the game is played as scheduled. If I can get out of Houston, a two-day break in San Antonio with the family is exactly what I need at this point to escape the Harvey stress.

That being said, I will understand if it is moved, cancelled, whatever. After all, it is only football…


You’re not the only one that thinks that. I’m sure just watching the game on TV would help some.

No one is going to go to this game.

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