Hats Off to UH Athletics for Saturday

(David) #1

I did not see another topic that covered this but I wanted to compliment the UH Athletics / Marketing / etc. team for the Saturday coordination. I was afraid everything would be jammed up and the customer experience for the new fans would be less than optimal.

  1. When I arrived at TDECU, there was a line of shuttle buses that went well beyond my expectations.
  2. UH reps along the path to handle any questions, directions, etc. for getting to the game after getting off the shuttle.
  3. More t-shirts thrown / launched into the stands than normal.
  4. No long lines to get in when I was entering about 30 mins before tip (concessions are another story but I don’t put that on UH)
  5. And I was hoping they would put an offer out for $5 tickets to USF right after the game but they went beyond my expectations and are offering ALL remaining home games for $5 through tomorrow including the SMU, Cincy and UConn games.

Other than the seat #s on the tickets but letters on the seats at TSU making it more challenging than it needs to be to find your reserved seat and not letting all of the shuttle buses board at once after the game, Saturday was smooth. There should be very few that won’t want to return because of the administrative side.


The Pezman effect…if Yurachek was still here, this post probably wouldn’t have been made.

(Ben) #3

U should have been on the very first bus out of TDECU parking lot. I have ridden the bus twice before, and was very fortunate. Recently had partial knee replacement and was lucky to sit right behind the bus driver. He exited the lot from a different exit and turned in the opposite direction from the two trips prior. We turned on Cullen and headed North. We passed the new BB arena under construction, and the base ball park. I craned my neck, trying to see where we were headed. Once we crossed Elgin, I asked the driver if we were going to the basketball game. He said yes, we were headed to Toyota Center. (most of the bus riders were for Wichita, so they knew nothing about where we were going). I told him the game, last I heard, was at TSU. Another Cougar confirmed my statement, so the driver pulled into the left turn lane, stopped and got on the radio. After a few minutes, TSU destination was confirmed and we turned down three side very narrow side streets, making left turns and returned to Cullen. Needless to say, instead of being on the first bus to arrive @ TSU, we were a bit behind many other attendees. Good thing I spoke up, or we might still be at Toyota Center, wishing and hoping . . . . .


Baloney - I believe Yurachek WAS in charge when those tickets were printed with the wrong information on them! Pezman has only been here a very few weeks.

And, that is only one of MANY problems in out ticket office! For example, it would be nice if some PERSON would answer the phone and take care of business in a proper manner, without the very loud and obnoxious recording of someone screaming into the phone announcing some great play in a football game played one or more years ago!

(VancouverCOOG) #5

I think he meant to say that the effect of having AD Pezman was very much in a positive way.

At least that’s how I understood it!

(David) #6

Wow, so you got an extra tour of the Third Ward. Our trip was a boring, straight shot to TSU. Glad it all worked out in the end. It was definitely far from perfect but I hope most came away of the event with the belief that UH knows how to handle a crowd. I hope this trend continues going forward.


I agree with the bus driver.

(Brad) #8

You should have let the bus driver drop all those shocker fans off at Toyota and taken an uber to HEnP


Where is the link to $5 tickets? I want to take my young boys to the USF game this weekend. Because they get bored or rowdy easily, I don’t want to invest a ton in tickets only to have to leave early. On the ticket page on the website, the cheapest ticket I see is $15.

(David) #10



Thanks! Just ordered my tickets.