Herd immunity, what is it?

This seems like a very good article. I did not read it because I was looking for the 70-90 percent which is how many folks have to be immune in order to achieve it.


JHU is the place to go for totals

The US population is approx 328 million.


70% of 328 million is 229 million. So best case scenario is that we need to get 229 million immunized to get herd immunity. (Hear that anti-vaxers)

Right now 278 thousand have been infected and we hope are immune. I have seen estimates that the infection rate is between 6-12 times higher. Let’s say 20x’s. That would mean that as of now 5 and half million have been infected after 4 months. And we need to get to 329 million for best case scenario.

I don’t know if herd immunity can be reached with this virus. We haven’t with the flu or common colds.There are flu shots every year because the flu virus keeps changing, and we can’t be immunized against the common cold.

.The covid19 is more dangerous and more infectious than the flu or cold. Treatments are getting better and the death rate is declining which is great. But the impact on the economy and psychic of regular folks is devastating. Wear a mask, wash you hands, and get out of people’s space seem to be the best advice I have learned. Pray that my greed is healed and my ignorance is enlightened. Thank you.


Even if herd immunity is possible, it will take out a lot of people along the way. Each one percent of death rate is ~2MM people in the US. Cut it in half to .5% and you’re at 1MM.

That said, you’re probably right that people will never be fully immune. But any immunity will help tremendously going forward. It very likely won’t ever be as bad as now when it’s novel.

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