Here Is A Good Idea. Let's Swap

(Robert Swearengin) #1

with Texas Tech after next weekend.

They get Applwhite/D’Onofrio and we get Kliff/Gibbs.


Yeah i don’t see the upside. Am i missing something?


I mean, Gibbs would be cool. Kliff? No thanks. Isn’t a head coach.


What’s the upside to this for either school?


Kliff for OC! Honestly I do not think Gibbs would be better either. While here he had some serious playmakers who got a lot or turnovers, that was about it.

(Jay C.) #6

So we trade a guy with a one year track record as a mediocre head coach for a guy with a 5 year track record as a TERRIBLE head coach?

Yeah, GREAT idea…:joy::joy::joy:

(br5exg) #7

That’s Coogfans for you.

(Bryant Hargrave) #8

But it won’t be boring!


IMO, there’s a more interesting presumably-fired coach who runs the Air Raid that UH could potentially hire who left for College Station in 2011.


I cant think of a single coach, since, Briles, that I would want back!