Herman gives 610 the hi-hat

I think the difference is 610 insists on calling CTH out directly and personally. Sean Jones prognosticating (however confidently) that Herman will leave, while annoying, is different than writing an article saying he should leave and including his Twitter handle so it’s directed at him. CTH is savvy when it comes to recruiting and knows a lot of these recruits are likely keeping a sharp eye on him on social media. When rumors about his leaving are levied on Twitter and he’s tagged in them, it kind of forces him to respond so recruits don’t give it much weight. I think he just got tired of having to do that repeatedly because of 610’s antics.

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Radio Giant!!! LOL…it’s an A.M. station. Almost nobody is listening.

Ok hold on, Sports Talk 790 is my JAM man! Those guys know how to do sports analysis right! That said i haven’t listened to 610 because they’re pretty much irrelevant.

Love this dig at 610



There Are No Winners in the SportsRadio 610 - Tom Herman War


Oh boy, John Royal just had to weigh in.

This idea that Sports Radio is this all important medium in Houston is ridiculous. Herman has been nothing but courteous and pleasant to almost every media personality he has come in contact with. 610 is the only one that continuously tries to undermine him. Royal also acts like the 610 news is the only news out of Houston this week, when it really has been just a blip with the 610 guys whining.

Royal’s an idiot.

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The reality is, sports talk radio is found on stations that carry the pro teams. And those pro teams demand that the talk show hosts gab about their team.

For the “hosts,” It’s all about promoting the hand that feeds them.

Structurally, college sports doesn’t stand a chance on Houston sports radio.


A.M. radio is irreverent.

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