Herman leaves UH for 'dream' job at Texas

Herman leaves UH for ‘dream’ job at Texas
After going 22-4 during ‘H-Town Takeover,’ coach can’t resist lure of Power 5 behemoth
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“I think that probably put things in motion,” Fertitta said. “I think the Big 12 decision was a huge disappointment to Tom, as it was to the rest of us.”

You could tell by their play vs SMU, Tulane & Tulsa. Louisville game was different. It was easy to get up for that game. Louisville was that team that was top 5 playing for a playoff spot and had the most dynamic player since Michael Vick.

Who ever UH hires next needs to be a great recruiter as well as a great coach. No easy task but UH has the resources to provide that. UH is just an invite to a P5 away to becoming a top 5 job in college football. Hopefully, we get into one by 2020. Crossing my fingers!

Till the next “dream job” comes along

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