Herman loses to Tech in Austin

(PortlandCoog) #1

Kliff just saved his job methinks.

Gotta tell you, don’t mind Texas losing… EVER.

(Eric Prado) #2

I don’t think we need three threads about it but this is pretty good news. Yay for CMD


All is right with the world!

(James Duncan) #4

Didn’t even realize Herman had six wins already. Was hoping they’d finish 5-7 again


Got lucky that West Virginia’s QB got hurt early in the game last week. Don’t worry, they can lose their bowl game to finish 6-7 and keep the losing season streak alive.


theyre honestly in the same position as us except they dont have a QB to save their asses

edit: or an Ed Oliver



Texas losing makes everything… EVERYTHING… right in the world to me.


Charlie strong was also 6-6 after his first regular season there

(shharper01) #10

we also lost to Tech at home. in a bowl, we would have a good shot of winning, except Herman usually prepares well given time. at leat he has on 2-3 occasions.

(James Duncan) #11

It’s been 15 years. Lots of intrigue to have that bowl game.

(David) #12

The way UT lost made it even sweeter. Having their young QB throw on 3rd and 2 with 2 mins left and Tech with only 1 timeout was very questionable for a MENSA-led team.


Could this day get any better?


We still have Aggie’s annual loss to LSU and Sumlin’s firing to look forward to tomorrow.

(VancouverCOOG) #15

A pretty good weekend all together!


I truly wonder what the problem is up in Austin. Strong tried to change the culture, Herman drones on and on about culture yet every year they are mediocre. It is the wealthiest athletic program in America.

Since 2009, when they played in the BCS championship game, they are 52-48 (8 seasons). It is the first time since the 1930’s that they have gone 8 years without a conference championship. Since their first ranking in the AP poll in 1941, this is the ONLY 8 year stretch where they finished ranked only once (2012 when they finished 19th).

This is historic ineptitude on the 40 acres.





Give UT a break. They have lesser parts up there to work with you know. :wink:

(srassen7) #19

The sad thing was I even thought this was serious for a half second. Our fan base has lowered my expectations that much :smile:

(shharper01) #20

Was Orlando better than Gibbs? They were singing Gibbs praises but some unforced interceptions on UT’s part. D’Onofrio has been solid over the last couple games. If Tim Beck is due to be cut from UT, is the same for our OC? Is it the offense or is it that both UH and UT are playing with underclassmen QBs?