Herman vs. Briles


I remember when people were so in love with Herman and then he left and became the devil. A lot of people seem to have fallen in love with Baby Briles the same way… but I’m not sure why. I would argue that Tom Herman at least DID something for UH while he was here… he put us back on the map! Briles hasn’t don’t anything but help us score more points… but we lose more and have less fans in the stadium… if he leaves let him leave! Let’s move on!


We haven’t lost more with Briles. If they lose the bowl game they’ll have the same number of loses as last year. (I think it’s stupid they count bowls as part of your regular season totals).

You can’t equate a coordinator to a head coach. I don’t know why everyone thinks Briles is/was some magician but he did a good job this season.

His leaving will hurt, but at this point interviewing days after negotiating an extension is in bad form IMO.


When are you homers going to realize that all coaches are Hired Hands and Paid Mercenaries brought in to do the job for the Institution’s Administration. There is no such thing as loyalty in the college coaching profession. I don’t fault the coaches for this as the market and landscape has turned into this and they must look out for themselves and their families the best way possible.

I personally appreciate all each coach has done when they’ve had success at UH because it has elevated the program more each time. I hold nothing against coaches when they leave. Unlike some of the unrealistic homers on this board that hold onto hope that each good coach at U of H turns into a Yeoman lifer.

When you all come to the realization of how college athletics really works maybe you’ll stop this love-hate seesaw with coaches and start to depend on the school’s administration

(Trent) #4

If our administrators are panicking as much as some on the boards here, then that just shows they aren’t doing very good contingency planning - lurching from one disaster to the next like a lot of organizations. Hope that isn’t the case. Always have a back up plan, always have an exit strategy.

(Mike) #5

Are you for real? Briles has NOTHING to do with a defense that managed to give up more points than a Top 5 offense could score. One of the absolute worst defenses in NCAA football. Always someone who wants to stir the pot.

(Cougarpad) #6

He did have something to do with not having a clue against freaking SMU this past season. He looked completely clueless about how to adapt to the SMU defense. We are seeing that without his dad screening his playcalling he has some inexperience still in playcalling. This is why I do t know why everyone is so quick to offer him a head coaching position.


Dead solid perfect. I understand folks emotional attachment though. It’s like when your chick dumps you for another dude

(Munzell Milluns) #8

None of these guys feel completely comfortable with their portfolio. I just wonder if Kendal is grabbing as much $ as possible before a late-breaking salacious detail slips out of Waco.


His dad didn’t screen his playcalling during the game. That’s ridiculous.

(Dan) #10

For me a big difference between the two is CKB is an alum. He should be more loyal to UH. Does that mean he’ll never leave? No. But interviewing for three jobs after only one year of service is not classy toward the school that gave you a chance and took some heat for it. Oh and your diploma is from here too.

(Cougarpad) #11

His dad was the head coach and his mentor at Baylor. I don’t see how Art did not have a lot of a lot of input on the playcalling when Kendall was the OC at Baylor. I can definitely see how Art probably helped Kendall a lot in making adjustments. The SMU game proved that Kendall is still inexperienced in play calling and making adjustments and has room to improve. I have a hard time believing that at Baylor he would have waited until 5 minutes left in the 4th qtr to make an adjustment like he did against SMU with us.

My point was that this was only the second season Kendall has been an OC on his own not on a team with his Dad. Art was always known as the genius behind the offense and not Kendall. I am just surprised all these teams are going to throw money at a OC that has not had much time of proving himself and want to make him a head coach.


I thought you meant screening at UH. If you’re going to nitpick SMU you can also point out the first half or Rice, Tulsa as offensive duds. There were times when they stuck with the run too much for some reason.

The numbers at FIU were good, the numbers at UH were excellent. There’s no surprise a P5 team wants to have that in a league where offense is king.

(Munzell Milluns) #13

Most people that really don’t want a job don’t negotiate an extension, regardless of the raise. And if you say coaching is an exception you are not correct. Many of us are expendable under certain circumstances and we just try to advance in position and with organizations we really like.

If we try to hop around days after making agreements it follows us on our resume and within our industry like the plague.

Where coaching is the exception is that public shame is minimized by the customer’s low expectations of the service provider’s character.

(Gt) #14

I don’t like Herman for obvious reasons. But nobody has touched what he’s done in the last 25 years.


Third season without Coach Briles
CKB has never had an offense not in the top ten in the country so that’s why P5’s are calling


CKB was at Baylor. If not for the scandal, he’d still be there waiting for a HC job down the road. He did his penance at FAU and at UH. He’s been in the limelight, and wants to get back to that place. I was hoping we’d get two years from him (and we might, as he may not get any offers). We always act jilted and surprised when coaches move up. And, yes, they do move up. If we were P5, we’d likely have better retention as most OC/DC moves would be lateral.

At least the entertainment value of arguing over coaching and coaches almost makes up for the harm fast turnover does to UH Football.