Hermans blow up


The kid he was supposedly taunting was 10 yards away. He also isn’t even looking in that direction. Generally taunting has a certain amount of eye contact

(Munzell Milluns) #62

Just how a thin-skinned bully deals with failure.


Herman, Gundy, Leach, Kiffin et.al. go and have gone out of their way to garner attention whether good or bad. Leach seems to have learned his lesson and is more low key than when he gave his ‘fat little girlfriends’ speech. Same can be said for Kiffin. Gundy is as obnoxious as ever and likely not coachable and out of a job without a bowl invitation. Herman took his antics and drama to Austin straight from here and it just isn’t playing well, mostly because of the win loss record. I thought after the sledge hammer failure he would find some humility (he is in MENSA, right?). I was wrong.

(Marcus) #64

He’s won 30 games in the last 3 seasons, including 20-7 in conference. I think he can afford a down year.


I fully admit I was tricked. It wasn’t until the 2016 SMU game I knew 100% he was a fraud. The radio argument was hard to defend and looked bad, but Nick Wright is such an A-hole and he was feuding with Duarte at the time so it allowed us to say it was ok. In reality, arguing on the radio for over 20 mins is inexcusable.

There are other things which we completely fell for which now were just obvious ploys by Herman to make himself look good. Why was there a story about him changing tiles? Herman wanted it. Why does MENSA get mentioned multiple times? Herman released that info originally and wants it out there. It’s a cycle. Make sure stories are published about how great you are, say you wish those stories weren’t out there, make sure those stories keep getting run. Makes you look like the humble guy who is just doing his job. So much is just scripted.


It became clear he is a showman and he is able to deflect his poor results in multiple ways.

His deer in the headlights display during his press conference after that smu loss was very telling. He had no answer at the time for the loss. The following Wednesday during his talk show he blamed the players for not knowing how to play with “targets on their backs”. Isn’t that the coaches job to prepare them for that environment? It was on him, not the players.

He is a mediocre coach propped up by lots of talent. That is a recipe for failure when expectations at UT-erus are so high. They will live in 8-4 ville for many years with him.

(John Simpson) #67

I don’t remember him feuding with Duarte. Maybe he was. But I do remember him feuding with Blowpez.


Meant Nick Wright was feuding with Duarte.

(Munzell Milluns) #69

Can’t see Duarte feuding with many. He’s not a digger.