HHR interview w/Taylor Eldridge (Wich St beat writer)

This is a great episode with some good info that caught my interest.Taylor is a good source for info regarding Wichita St and the AAC.

Hopefully Kris will drop by and expand but he mentioned he thought there would be a lot of 4 guard lineups this year.


Ugh… @Jcoop9 and @HRReview…you guys are killing my productivity this morning! :smiley:


Eldridge is easily one of my favorites beat writers in the conference…he is extremely knowledgeable about basketball, regularly includes advance stats in his stories and goes over the specific type of plays Wichita was running, goes over strengths and weakness of opponents …will definitely try and give this a listen


Kris…great discussion with Taylor! Very informative…and @pesik is right…that guy knows a ton of stuff and can discuss it at a level that most people can understand. Excellent work Kris!

I recommend anyone who has been missing out on sports to give this a listen. You’ll learn quite a bit about WSU and the other teams in the American.

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It’s good to hear outside perspective on the conference not through the Hou lens sometimes. I always read Eldridge’s stuff so I knew it would be good. Wish we had more AAC hoops media like this.

This got me thinking about a lineup of:


I wish we still had Hinton. That would be unfair.

just finished a really good listen, i doubt there are many media people (if any) more knowledgeable about the aac as a whole as he is …
the 4 guard line up will be interesting to see if we implement it


Thanks for listening to the interview. Taylor does great work covering The American.

My goal is to interview other AAC beat writers in the future.

As far as 4 guard lineup projections - this is not a knock on Sasser whatsoever - I envision Grimes, Jarreau, Mills, and Mark finishing games in conference play. Most folks agree Tramon Mark is a special talent. As the season progresses, I think Tramon will earn more amd more minutes.


I could for sure see this.

The guard depth is just crazy considering what Sasser did to Cincy at the end of the year. That lineup is nasty.

I’m assuming Shead is going to redshirt based on CKS comments about playing 5 guards.

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