High Expectations, average results

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(CoogNation_14) #2

Great piece. It was spot on. Did anyone catch the coaches show today?


Is anyone else worried about the Temple game? With our lack of offense I can see us going 6-7 or even 5-8 this year.


I cannot. Mostly because we’re only playing an 11-game regular season. I still feel better about this season than I did going into the Arizona game, though – I still think we wind up 7-4 or 8-3 in the regular season.

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Tried to catch it on the computer. Can’t figure out why whenever I try to listen to a station online, it isn’t broadcasting what I thought it was suppose to be.


OTC - that would be a losing record.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Not worried about that, because I know our defense is good enough to shut down half the teams left on the schedule. As bad as Arizona might be as a P5 team, they still have more talent than 75% of our conference opponents. We could play exactly how we did against Arizona and Texas Tech and still easily be 5-3 in conference play.