Historical Note-UH Measles 82-83

Some of you young folks might be surprised about the following:

In the early 1980s all over the USA there were clusters of measles outbreaks at American colleges and universities. Hundreds at individual schools. If I remember correctly A&M had hundreds of cases.

What was discovered was that children born after 1957 were inoculated with a vaccine that weakened after about 18 years it seemed.

University of Houston was proactive (believe it or not).

UH ordered all dormitory students to get a second inoculation paid for either by UH or the City/County don’t remember which or face immediate eviction from dorm. Harris CountySheriffs standing by to carry that out (not UH PD).

We stood in line for vaccine right there in Moody Towers Commons.

UH did not have an outbreak. Mandatory worked at UH.


Go to school and trust science, the 80s were rad


Thank god for no social media then lol


I’m vaccinated and, no, I don’t know what’s in it - neither this vaccine, the ones I had as a child, nor in the Big Mac, or in hot dogs, or in other treatments…whether it’s for cancer, AIDS, the one for polyarthritis, or vaccines for infants or children. I trust my doctor when he says it’s needed.

I also don’t know what’s in Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or other meds, it just cures my headaches & my pains …

I don’t know what’s in the ink for tattoos, vaping, or every ingredient in my soap or shampoo or even deodorants. I don’t know the long term effect of cell phone use or whether or not that restaurant I just ate at REALLY used clean foods and washed their hands.

In short …

There’s a lot of things I don’t know and never will…

I just know one thing: life is short, very short, and I still want to do something other than just going to work every day or staying locked in my home. I still want to travel and hug people without fear and find a little feeling of life “before”.

As a child and as an adult I’ve been vaccinated for mumps, measles, rubella, polio, chicken pox, and quite a few others; my parents and I trusted the science and never had to suffer through or transmit any of said diseases … just saying.

You are not vaccinated, I respect your choice,

I am vaccinated, respect my choice …

I’m vaccinated, not to please the government but:

  • To not die from Covid-19.

  • To NOT clutter a hospital bed if I get sick.

  • To hug my loved ones

  • To Not have to do PCR or antigenic tests to go out dancing, go to a restaurant, go on holidays and many more things to come …

  • To live my life.

  • To have my kids/grandkids go back to school and play sports.

  • For Covid-19 to be an old memory.

  • To protect us.

Text copied, you can too!


When I was in the navy, I got vaccinated for everything you could think of and many things you couldn’t think of. I never questioned it (as if it would have done any good if I had) and just assumed it was something I needed for the areas I was going into. And even if they would have told me what was in those vaccines, I don’t have the scientific or medical knowledge to even know what those compounds were.


I went for an MRI earlier this week and on the list of do-nots is do not wear make-up.

Apparently make-up has metal particles in it.

How many people that wear make-up know that.

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