Hofheinz Pavilion, home to Phi Slama Jama and a red polka-dot towel, turns out

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Along the way, notable players have passed through Hofheinz’s doors. From Ollie Taylor, Ken Spain, Dwight Davis, Dwight Jones, Louis Dunbar, Otis Birdsong, Mike Schultz in the 70s, Olajuwon, Drexler, Micheaux, Michael Young, Rob Williams, Alvin Franklin, Benny Anders, Greg Anderson, Rickie Winslow, Reid Gettys and Craig Upchurch in the 80s, Derrick Daniels, Galen Robinson Sr., Bo Outlaw, Gee Gervin in the 90s, Lanny Smith, Robert McKiver, Aubrey Coleman in the 2000s and most recently children of former players with Joseph Young, L.J. Rose and Galen Robinson Jr.

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