Holy Moly! We are 23-1 UPDATED!

(PortlandCoog) #1

Who would of thunk it? I’ll take it and savor it.



Every Coogfans dream becoming reality before our faces!

(David) #3

UH has accomplished so much but wrestling the AAC regular season championship from Cincy is next on the list to tackle. Sunday is going to be fun [I am pretty sure I exceed the age for using “lit”]

(PortlandCoog) #4

It’s gonna be tough, but if you want to be good, you have to be good. You gotta take it.


It’s time to think Championship, you have to go for the Jugular…no soft UH anymore, we want to be NCAA and Conference Champs, yes, THAT Houston school!

(Patrick) #6

We owe them for the AAC Championship last season. Time to get what’s ours.

(Munzell Milluns) #7

The H


UH hit #4 on realtimerpi.com before the game. Moved closer to 3 after.

Interestingly, UHs SOS is now higher than AP/Coaches #1 ranked Tennessee.

Sunday is now the biggest non tournament game since the 80s. Can’t think of one bigger since I’ve been going to games (1987). They’ll be more excitement than when we last hosted UT.


I exceed it to CD, but i’ll say it LOUDLY. Sunday is gonna be LIT! I can’t wait. Cincy gonna come into the packed Fertitta Center and think…what the hey!!! Go Coogs!


Cinci is going to come in against a team that plays defense like they do but shoots a lot better on defense… Still and all it is going to be a very tough game.


We are like 3-31 all time vs. Cincy. Going to be a very tall order to get it done against a team that has so consistently had our number. Can’t wait.


History, out of window…Bob Huggins not coaching there…butt kicking time…in Houston, Texas.


The tide is turning to our favor for the immediate future. We have a good chance of finishing the regular season 30-1. If we win the AAC Tournament we’ll be 32-1 or 33-1.

This is becoming a SPECIAL UH basketball team with an outstanding UH head coach.

(Tom Green) #14

Papa don’t preach no more… #Madonna


Most of those 31 losses were when we were a private school with no black players playing in the MVC against a team with all americans including Oscar Robertson. Cincy didn’t play us when we had Elvin, or PSJ. They just had teams that were a lot better than us. I don’t remember them playing us very much from Alvin on until we got in the same conference.

(Patrick) #16

From 1957-1963 we played Cincy 12 times and lost all 12. Got our first win against them in 1973 and then lost our next 2 in 1974 and 1975. We then went from 1976-1996 without playing Cincy. We then played them 8 times from 1997-2005 and lost all 8. Didn’t play them again until we both ended up in the American and are 2-9 since then.

Sampson actually has the most wins vs. Cincy of any coach in Cougar history (2) in 9 games.

We still have never beaten Cincy at their place.

(Randy Randel) #17

Those early years were in the Missouri vslley with lots of Oscar Roberttson. As pointed out earlier, they were just better than us until these last 2 seasons. No hex

(Patrick) #18

Oh definitely. Strange that we basically didn’t play Cincy when we were really good and tended to play them when they were very good. Things are starting to change.

(Patrick) #19


I have watched Cougar sports for many years, other than the 1979 football team, I don’t remember any team as well coached.