Holy smokes! #13 Virginia Tech loses to Old Dominion

I guess that’s why you play the game.



  • Scott Frost is 0-3
  • Texas might be back
  • Texas a&m isn’t as good as they think
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Nice… with several other ranked teams losing our soon to be dominant performance against TSU will leap us into into the rankings!

We should be playoff contenders if we beat tsu

gonna be a close game though i can feel it

Judas working his magic once again

If you’re at the game, go find highlights of the last two minutes when you get home. ODU completed a long bomb TD to finally take the lead for good, and then after the 2 minute marker VT decided to call a spite timeout when the game was into kneeldowns. ODU responded by giving their gigantic running back the ball and he scored another TD. ODU wins by two TDs.

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Where did we fall??? Did we get any votes this week???!

Nebraska moving to the B10 was a huge mistake. It seems they just lost all their identity. It’s shocking how far that program has fallen.

Hard to tell with A&M. They gave Clemson all they wanted and it’s unfair to critique them after Bama. Bama looks stronger than ever and that’s saying something. They are a machine.

Bama just too much

Nebraska is my 2nd alma mater. The fans were stuck in the 90s and IMO needed some humbling. I think if the school had to make the decision now, they would not have moved to the Big10.

No AP, but we got a/some Coaches votes

texas will get spanked again before long. you’ll see hermmeroid shaking at the podium.


Judas’s best magic was hiring Orlando.


Except for the really good money, the equal treatment, and the not being with UT.

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Old Dominion is known for basketball and not football. This is an upset! Are they even division 1 futbol

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They’re in conference USA.

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When I was young ( the earth had yet to cool) Arkansas, Nebraska, USC, and UCLA were Titans. Now they are among the worst teams in college football.

Even the great programs can fall. If Ceasar and the boys can let the Roman Empire fall, I guess a football program can.

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They traded UT for Ohio St and Michigan, BigXII makes more per school than the Big10, and they were playing for BigXII championships, but haven’t made a Big10 championship game yet.

I think Frost will be given some time to turn that program around and he will ultimately do just that. I have no ties to Nebraska of any sort, but from an overall perspective I would imagine that being shed of TU would be worth the current day struggles. Nebraska will be a player again. Takes some time to change a culture.

If they had to make the decision now, they’d probably have remained the Big 8.


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