Holy smokes! #13 Virginia Tech loses to Old Dominion

I’m just going off what my Nebraska grad coworker says, probably more often than it needs to be said. He’s reasonably football savvy, but I couldn’t say exactly how in tune he is with the fan base.

No Coaches vote poll this week.

Surprise to me was OU needing OT to beat Army. OU hardly ever had possession.

Stoops, DC, is not really that good. Maybe we can ship them ours :sunglasses:.


It appeared that OU needed a defensive turnover late to tie the game. If Army doesn’t have the tipped pass intercepted, they may have won. Great game by Army

Shows you upsets can happen anytime! ODU is really shocking because they are a really bad football team…lost to Liberty 52-10 :flushed::flushed:

Throw in Texas, Penn State, Texas A & M, North Carolina, LSU, Florida, Florida State & Miami, Notre Dame…what happened.

The one thing no one talks about is during the Big 8 years, Nebraska utilized “county scholarships” to supplement the normal football scholarships. They would give their normal football scholarships to kids outside of Nebraska and then give county scholarships to kids inside the state. Those kids inside the state would then “walk on” to the football team.

So Nebraska would have way more scholarship football players than the other schools.

Then there was the issue of Nebraska’s strength and conditioning program utilizing steroids at a level that the East Germans would have thought excessive.

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