Home Games this year


I realize I am way behind, but I am disappointed in our home schedule (location).
When home games were originally discussed, non-conference games were proposed for TSU. Conference games were proposed for Toyota Center. I see 0 games at Toyota Center. What happened?
I hope the administration realizes attendance is going to be terrible.


This is probably why home games are at TSU. Renting out Toyota Center ain’t cheap.

(Marcus) #3

TSU is right next door. We won’t even fill that place up. So, what’s the problem? Wichita State and UCONN game say the site is TBD. Don’t know if that means it might be at TC or not.

(JFH) #4

We need to just attend the games. I will be there regardless of where they are. Go Coogs!


Interesting. Wichita St is scheduled at 11 AM on Jan 20.

I notice that TSU’s women play at 5 PM on Jan 20, and the TSU men play at 7:30 PM. Perhaps there is still a conflict as they need the gym all day for shoot arounds and walk throughs?

I don’t see an apparent conflict on March 4 with the UConn game.

(Patrick) #6

It’s all but been confirmed that the Wichita State game will be at the Toyota Center.


Anyone know why the change for tickets for the Arkansas game? Ticket office called me and I had to be moved due to an issue with the bench. It was very easy and not a big deal at all. I was just curious what happened and if it was all home games are just UA.

(David) #8

There was an email that said the exhibition game made them change the home vs. visitor bench location on the court. This had a domino effect on season ticket seats because people had a preference for which bench they wanted to sit near. The whole season was re-done and new season tickets are in the mail. That is my recollection.

(Brad) #9

So, there aren’t any beer sells at HP&E, are there?

(David) #10

I have not seen any beer at H&PE but I cannot say I have been searching it out. The concessions are not your standard fare either – they have funnel cakes and snow cones at one. Popcorn is available but not peanuts unless I have missed it.

(Mike Hull) #11

I wouldn’t swear to this, but I thought I saw someone walking around with a beer–back of my memory kind of thing. I haven’t looked for a vendor, however.

Now, there are deluxe seats that are above the normal seats and that are glassed off. I would suppose it was possible that someone just walked down from the club area with a beer and that’s what I saw.


They definitely sold beer for the Arkansas game, my buddy and I partook in a few. Not much though, the kegs started running dry in the second half.

(Patrick) #13

I think I saw them selling it for the Fairfield game even though it was mid-week and mid-day.

(Dan) #14

That was for the chaperones of the school kids. :grinning:


Every time I get home from a game at TSU, my clothes smell like they have been deep fried.

(J V ) #16

What are you implying? ^^^^^^


I’m not implying anything.

Just stating a fact.


Mine usually smell like Frenchy’s

(JFH) #19

I was 100% sure that someone would take the kindness of TSU and make it a negative. “Here we go”


Hospitality yes (way more than Hofheinz had become) but Kindness? I don’t think comment above is out of line and pretty sure they are making money in multiple ways off UH.

Haven’t noticed smelling like I’ve been next to the deep frier but I also don’t hang around the funnel cake line.