Honest thoughts after 2nd game?

I’m very happy with both sides of the ball, Tune played a lot better, which he does against bad teams. We found a gem in Alton, and maybe Jones at WR. Defense is going to be really good this year. I was very proud of Art Green and Alex Hogan stepping in for Marcus Jones on defense. Dell is a beast, nobody can guard him 1 on 1, he just needs to clean up the drops. Dana coached a great game. I’m not going to be too optimistic until Dana and Tune can show me they can beat a half decent team. But I am very confident this team can win 8-9 games with how many bad teams are on our schedule. But as far as conference championship hopes, I don’t see it rn. But overall great game, let’s go kill GSU and Navy.


Agree with ^^^

Winning tonight sets our absolute floor at 4 wins to me. I think our ceiling is somewhere around 8 or 9 wins. Where we fall within that range is going to largely fall on Tune’s shoulders. Managing the turnovers is key. Really liked what I saw out of the young back today and the secondary for that matter.

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The Tulsa and Tulane game will tell a lot. If we win both, I’ll lose my mind and say we winning the championship lmao. I think we beat Tulsa but I will be scared for Tulane. It will be a short week. Might be their first game back so they will be loud. And they fly around the field on defense. That’s what scares Tune the most


Agree. Tulane will test our defense.

Tune is pretty good when he doesn’t throw picks. He has no touch on the long ball so he can’t stretch the field. But he has a pretty strong arm.


Terrible 3 quarters against an average Tech team and we blew out a terrible Rice team. I really have no clue about this team at this point.

If Tune doesn’t turn the ball over and limits taking dumb sacks the offense could be ok. Defense hasn’t looked bad so thats a plus.


We were tied with tech after 3 quarters so we didn’t have terrible 3 quarters. We could have easily won that tech game if they called that push off. The score doesn’t show it but the game came down to the last 2 minutes. I think we will win 8 games maybe 9 if we can handle Tulsa and Tulane


Now, about the O-line. :face_with_monocle:

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Just remember, Tulsa had a slew of starters suspended during their loss to UC-Davis, which is why they looked a lot better vs OkSt. They will not be pushovers.


They look great in pass block. Wish we had never running schemes, and more zone blocking. Rather than just basically an RB dive every run play

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Honest. When I saw Tune with that sick juke move I thought, why doesn’t he run it more? Then he grabbed his hammy and I thought oh yeah, he’s no Greg Ward.

0 turnovers made me happy. Although we had a close one. Those 3rd and longs really surprised me. Good to know we can complete them, but not cool that we had to. Dell was clutch.

I predicted 38 and we got 44. About what I expected against Rice.

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Uh oh, sorry to let you know that she’s just not that into you, Coogfans. “He (Tune) wasn’t worried about what the outside was saying.”


still there is no running game


Tulsa looked very good.


Good chance we’ll be 3-1 leading up to the Tulsa game.

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Reminds me of almost a decade ago when one of the linemen said Piland found people complaining on Coogfans to be comedy. To be fair, he wasn’t completely wrong either.


We better be.

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It gets down to turnovers. If Tune plays turnover free we can be very good.

The Tune of yesterday is conference champion QB.

The Tune of last week gets us beat more times than not.

Its a team game but this team’s success will come down to one guy not throwing picks…


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