Horrible Offense


Nope, I’m not talking UH. Talking Temple vs USF. Got this from their message board. 1st down numbers minus their last drive when they had some yards against backups

1st down running plays – 12 carries, -1 yards, 1 fumble, 1 holding penalty
1st down passing plays – 1 for 8, 11 yards, 2 interceptions, 2 sacks (-12 yards), 1 fumble

Total 1st down plays: 22 plays, -2 yards (4 turnovers)

Those may be the worst 1st down stats ever

(David) #2

I thought you were going to talk about UT vs. ISU on ESPN. UH is not alone when it comes to issues on the offensive side of the ball.

(Luke P) #3

It’s weird that it’s Thursday night and there are no AAC games on. It’s longhorns or nfl :confused:


Yea, very bad. I tried to watch the game last week, but it was hard. Felt so bad for Temple. Our D should feast on these guys. Their D is still good so we need to be on our toes offensively. Please let it be Postma or King!




Shows how important Greg Ward was to CTH’s success…Todd Orlando too.

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(G.W.) #8

Just like Keenum and Manziel were for Sumlin.

Still, best X and O coach ever might be Art Briles. Mike Leach might be close.
Briles won with every QB he had. He took UH out of the tank. No small matter.

Taking BU out of the tank to a Top 5 ranking was truly a miracle.

Yes, he screwed up horribly and should not be forgiven. But no better coach I have seen anywhere. That includes Saban. BU would have made Saban look like Phil Bennet or Guy Morris.