Houston @ #25 Arizona - Game 3 Sunday @ 4 pm (L 10-6)

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Thanks, was wondering whats going on.

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Bit of a meltdown in the bottom of the 7th by the Coogs. 7-4 Arizona and not done yet.


Was 4-4 going into that inning. There was a tailor-made double play that was fumbled–E4–and that would have ended the inning with 0 or 1 run (can’t remember–was a long inning). And with bases loaded, two walks and two hit by pitches, all four with two outs if I remember right.

One more unearned for Arizona in the 8th–E6. Now 5-10 AZ

Last chance for the Coogs coming up.

If I added right, Coogs have surrendered 24 walks this weekend in 25 innings played so far. A walk per inning is not a recipe for winning.

Coogs lose 10-6.

I’m in Vegas. Rarer than a royal flush, substantial rain in the forecast for Tuesday night. “Substantial” is relative to Vegas.

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