Houston Area CFB TV Ratings through Week 4

(Patrick) #1

The Texas Tech game was the highest rated game in Houston for the week and had 71K more viewers than the Arkansas-A&M game had on ESPN at the same time. This was also the highest rated 11AM window game in Houston this year (A&M-Ark was 2nd) and the 4th highest overall this season.

Here’s the ratings for this season so far. Note: the Tech-UH National Rating is combined with the FSU-NCSU game since they were reverse mirroring the game across the nation. The Houston rating is just for the Tech-UH game.


Hey that is pretty good. Wish they saw a Coog win but it defeats the “Houston is an A&M town”.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

Any chance of finding a comparison between Week 4 last year and Week 4 this year seeing as reports are that attendance is down? I’m curious if people are choosing to watching on TV over going to the games or that all support is down.

(Patrick) #4

Last year, Week 4, we were playing Texas State and on ESPNU where we scored a 2.5 rating. That was the highest rated CFB game on ESPNU in Houston all year.

The FSU-USF game for Week 4 on ABC at 11AM last year did a 1.6/47K locally and a 1.7/2.557M nationally.

We had 2 11AM games at home last year: Lamar and UCF. Lamar was on CW39 and had a 2.0/56K local rating while UCF was on ESPNU and had a 1.7/52K rating. These were our two lowest rated games all year.


Love to see we received a very strong rating for Houston but I am very impressed with the 2.5 national rating also. UH certainly brings its fair share of eyeballs to TV sets. I have full confidence UH can continue this trend so long as they continue their winning ways.