Houston Area CFB TV Ratings - Week 9

Pretty quiet week for College Football viewership. Highest rated game was Baylor at Texas which equaled the Texas- OSU game earlier in the year. UCF-Houston was the 6th highest rated game this week, but was the 2nd highest this year on ESPNU and just beat out NMSU-A&M (How bad is ESPNU viewership? Look at the national numbers for those 2 games).

Does the Louisville-UH Thursday night game break double digits for Houston and gets into Top 3 or 4? It goes head-to-head with Saints-Panthers on NFL Network / NBC. Should be interesting to see.

Thanks for posting. Despite the negative vibes during the week after losing to SMU and the Big 12 inaction. This is still a fairly good rating for the time of day. Even when UH is down it is showing that its TV base local is still engaged and will watch.

If Louisville wins the next two weeks and we destroy Tulane, I believe it will be in top 5 locally and our number 2 game nationally seeing as the competition is the Saints at the Panthers.

ESPN crushes ESPN2 which crushes ESPNU. CW39 had a strong showing for the UH vs. Lamar game.

Also, we get huge Houston area crowds on weeknight games.

What is amazing is that there isn’t a Big 12 versus Big 12 in the top 10.

I was just thinking that too. Also, always support the Coogs first, but very interesting how the UT TtU game is not on. All for it. Go Coogs and AAC. This Navy game will do.

Please note that UH vs Texas State outranks Oklahoma State Vs Baylor. An yet the Big 12 continues to claim they own the Houston market, which has grown to No. 8 nationally.

From Week 1 of 2015 through Week 9 of 2016, there have been 25 games in Houston drawing a 6.0 or better.

UH was in 5 of them.

Only A&M and Alabama appeared in more (7). UT appeared in 4.

Of the 50 participants:

25 SEC
10 Big 12
9 American (incl. 4 vs Houston)
4 ACC/Notre Dame
1 Big 10 (vs LSU)
1 Pac 12 (vs A&M)


Wow; really shows SEC dominance in the area.

Really, no surprise there. The SEC totally dominates this market. Their numbers EQUAL all other conferences combined, and that’s giving one each to the Big 10 and PAC 12. It’s really hard to understand why ESPN continues to bury its head in a hole in the ground.

The SEC is an ESPN property so they have the SEC to dominate the market and UH for a very low price to pick up what the SEC misses.

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