Houston at 92nd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays

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Live Results: http://relays.texassports.com/


On the men’s side:

Mario Burke will compete in the Invitational 100-meter dash looking to bring home gold for Houston as he ranks No. 13 in the latest USTFCCCA rankings and will compete against TCU’s No. 18 Tarrik Brock Jr. and Texas Tech’s No. 13 Divine Oduduru.

Cameron Laverty will participate in the Invitational 800-meter run against Kansas’ No. 3 Bryce Hoppel and Harvard’s No. 20 Myles Marshall.

The No. 1 ranked men’s 4x100-meter relay will also be competing in the Invitational against USA teams. Also entering in the Invitational heat will be the 4x200-meter relay. The men’s 4x400-meter relay will also compete in the Invitational heat and compete against USA teams.

The men’s 1600 sprint medley will compete in the Invitational heat and go against 17 other teams trying to claim the title.

Amere Lattin will compete in the 110-meter hurdles where he ranks No. 12 and the 400-meter hurdles where he ranks No. 5.

John Lewis III is competing in the 100-meter dash as he ranks No. 18 in the rankings.

Trumaine Jefferson will compete in long jump as he ranks No. 18.

On the women’s side:

Brianne Bethel will compete in the Invitational heat for the 200-meter dash as she ranks No. 14 and will face Texas’ No. 30 Zola Golden.

The women’s 4x200-meter relay team will compete in the Invitational heat.

Bethel will also compete in the 100-meter dash where she also ranks No. 14.

Birexus Hawkins will compete in the 400-meter hurdles as she ranks No. 17.

Competing in long jump is Samiyah Samuels where she ranks No. 4 nationally.

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Houston men team rank#1 Flo Track


That website hurts my eyes, but went through to see how we are doing so far.


400m hurdles (prelims): Birexus Hawkins moved on with a 7th best time for the women. Quivell Jordan moves on for the men with the 2nd fastest time. Lattin had a false start, I am guessing because he didn’t want to run? Seems weird for the 400 hurdles.

800m: Laverty finished 9th

1500m: For the women Gonzales was 4th and Dunlap 5th. Contreras for the men was 5th in section B

3k steeplchase: Sorenson 12th for the women

Friday morning:

4x100 (prelims): Women 12th and Men 3rd

100m hurdles (prelims): Naomi Taylor with the 11th best time, Lattin with the best time

1st round of the 100m and 4x400 are coming up right now. Later tonight will be the 400m hurdles finals

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Lattin is listed in the 400m Hurdles Invitational. Don’t know if that was originally the case, or if they added him due to the false start.

Also, UH men didn’t run 4x400 today. That’s for the common folk. UH is listed on the 4x400 Invitational, along with two other teams: Team USA and an international team.

You’re right about the website. It’s definitely no fun to navigate on a phone.


I was talking more about the orange color and logo, lol. But it isn’t put together that great either.

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Cougar men improve their World Leading 4x200m relay time by almost 0.5 seconds…1:20.94.

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Coogs 4x100 team is just behind LSU’s. LSU puts up a new 2019 World Leading time, 38.41, with UH at 38.45.

Coogs are also scheduled for the 4x100 Invitational at 2pm.

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Just saw this on FloTrack. Ugly behavior by LSU’s anchor. Don’t know if something precipitated this or if he’s just an a-hole…

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Coogs placed 7th in the 4x100 invitational, 40.8. Looks like 3 of the 4 Coogs from the 1:30 pm relay also ran the 2:00 pm Invitational. Not surprised they may have been gassed.

In the Invitational, Team USA took 1st and 2nd, 39.19 and 39.49…well behind LSU & UH’s earlier times.

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Here’s the home stretch of the 4x100…I assume LSU anchor was just jacked about the big come from behind victory. I’m sure the next time we meet will be “exciting”.


Hope LSU enjoyed that win because they will lose in the championship which is much more important!!!


A move like that should be up for disqualification. The talking is whatever, but bumping into somebody and cutting them off right after the line is a serious thing. Moving that fast, you never know what could happen and what injuries it could lead to.

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How cute…LSU barely wins a meet in March and act like they won a National title.

At least they held on to the baton for once.


I think that is the first relay they have won against UH in a number of years. Like the old adage “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.”