Houston at Cal State Fullerton Game 2 (W 9-4)

(Patrick) #1

(Patrick) #2

Whitting shakes up the lineup and puts Padgett leadoff and Minter 2nd.

(zx504) #3

two run double by lockhart - top of 1

(zx504) #4

fuentes rbi single, 3-0 - top of 1

(Patrick) #5

New lineup doing work. Coogs now up 5-0 in the Top 2nd.

(Patrick) #6

CSF gets a run in B2 with a walk, single, sac hunt, and groundout to short. Fletcher also picks up his 1st K to end the inning

T3…UH leads 5-1

(Patrick) #7

Top 3rd
1-2-3 inning for the Coogs

M3…UH leads 5-1

(Patrick) #8

Bottom 3rd
Fletcher gives up a hit, but Lovelace gunshim down at second on a caught stealing. Fletcher also racks up 2 Ks.

T4…UH leads 5-1

(Patrick) #9

Top 4th
Quick 3 up 3 down

M4…UH leads 5-1

(Patrick) #10

Bottom 4th
Fletcher walks a batter, picks him off, and adds another K to face the minimum again.

T5…UH leads 5-1

(sarkcoog) #11

Be a big lift if Minter could add the long ball to the lineup. Looks like he has ability to hit with some power.

(Patrick) #12

Top 5
Coogs Score 2 after a leadoff double Minter, a FC by Davis to get Minter out. Coogs load the bases and Coldiron brings home 2 with a sharp single. 7-1

M5…UH leads 7-1

(Patrick) #13

Agreed, kid has some pop and has been one of the few squaring up the ball this season. Like the move to the 2 hole and he’s responding well.

(Patrick) #14

Bottom 5
Fletcher hits the first batter and a 2 out double brings him home from 2nd. Coogs lead 7-2

T6…UH leads 7-2

(Patrick) #15

Top 6
One out walk by Padgett but nothing else.

M6…UH leads 7-2

(Patrick) #16

Bottom 6
1-2-3 inning for Fletcher to include K #5

T7…UH leads 7-2

(Patrick) #17

Top 7th

Coogs are retired in order.

M7…UH leads 7-2

(Patrick) #18

Bottom 7
Fletcher gives up a leadoff single and he’s done for the night. Kyle Ott on in relief.

K, BB, and an error on Hollis bring in a run. Coogs lead 7-3

After a flyout to Center, Minter comes up big by picking up a single and gunning the runner at the plate. Kid’s having a nice night.

T8…UH leads 7-3

(Patrick) #19

Top 8th
Coldiron singles to leadoff, Triolo singles moving him to 3rd, and CSF goes to the pen.

Triolo steals 2nd and the catcher throws it into center. Coldiron scores to make it 8-3 Coogs

Padgett gets his 1st hit of the year with a double to LC. Triolo scores…9-3 Coogs…Padgett then steals 3rd

M8…UH leads 9-3

(Patrick) #20

Bottom 8
Ott gets the first two batters and then Looney calls on Lockhart to pitch. Etzel goes to left.

Lockhart gives up a walk and a double to put runners on 2nd/3rd with 2 outs. Passed ball brings home a run. Coogs 9-4. Lineout to Triolo ends it.

T9…UH leads 9-4