Houston at Cincy - Game 2 (L 2-1)

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Coogs going with the same lineup it looks like:

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Nathan Kroger stats:

(Patrick) #4

Top 1st
Davis with a 2 out single, followed by a Lockhart double, but Davis is thrown out at the plate

M1…No Score

(Patrick) #5

Bottom 1st
Leadoff infield single, moves to 2nd on a bad pickoff throw, steals 3rd with 1 out. Fletcher K’s the last two batters to get out of trouble.

T2…No Score

(Patrick) #6

Top 2nd
1-2-3 inning

M2…No Score

(Patrick) #7

Bottom 2nd
2 out single, but Lovelace catches the runner stealing to end the inning

T3…No Score

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Strange…looking at the Coogs schedule, they’ve played 2 games against teams with winning records this year (Vanderbilt and Kentucky).

Have 22 games remaining against teams with winning records.

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Top 3rd
Coogs down in order

M3…No Score

(Patrick) #10

Bottom 3rd
Single to right and a bunt single put runners on 1st/2nd with one out. Fletcher induces a groundout and forces the runner at 3rd for the 2nd out. Double to right gives Cincy the lead…Cincy leads 1-0

T4…Cincy leads 1-0

(Patrick) #11

Top 4th
Two straight errors to leadoff the inning allow Hollis and Davis to reach. 1 out double by Triolo scores Hollis…Tied 1-1

Davis is thrown out at the plate on a squeeze as he hesitated.

M4…Tied 1-1

(Patrick) #12

Bottom 4th
Fletcher works a 1-2-3 inning

T5…Tied 1-1

(Patrick) #13

Top 5th
Coogs down in order

M5…Tied 1-1

(Patrick) #14

Bottom 5th
Fletcher hits the first batter, but picks him off. Cincy gets nothing else

T6…Tied 1-1

(Patrick) #15

Top 6th
1 out single from Davis followed by a Lockhart walk. Double play ends the inning

M6…Tied 1-1

(Patrick) #16

Bottom 6th
Fletcher rolls through another 1-2-3 inning

T7…Tied 1-1

(Patrick) #17

Top 7th
Cincy goes to the bullpen

Etzel Ks but reaches 1st on a passed ball. Inning ends with Coldiron getting picked off 1st.

M7…Tied 1-1

(Butch) #18

Hopefully one of these days we will unload on a relief pitcher…all these teams we are playing lately can’t all have elite bull pens LOL…hopefully Coogs can get out of their hitting funk and there would be no better time than today…


Quality baseball right there.

(Charles) #20

Worst offense since I’ve been following Cougar baseball.