Houston at Cincy - Game 3 (L 4-2)

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Padgett gets the day off:

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Today’s Cincy pitcher:


I am a huge optimist and i hope I am wrong, but i am underwhelmed with the performance of this team so far. All that hype…

(Patrick) #6

Top 1st
1 out double from Hollis, but he’s stranded at 3rd

M1…No Score

(Patrick) #7

Bottom 1st
Cincy draws a 1 out walk, but he’s erased on a double play

T2…No Score

(Patrick) #8

Top 2nd
Coogs down in order

M2…No Score

(Patrick) #9

Learned something new today: didn’t realize Sandy Koufax pitched at Cincy. The things you learn when you have to listen to the Cincy broadcast because the UH radio broadcast was posted for a noon CDT start time and won’t open until 11:45.

Edit: Fixed now

(Patrick) #10

Bottom 2nd
Leadoff homer puts the Bearcats up 1-0

T3…Cincy leads 1-0

(Patrick) #11

Top 3rd
Coogs down in order

M3…Cincy leads 1-0

(Patrick) #12

Bottom 3rd
Leadoff double, groundout and a sac fly score a run…Cincy leads 2-0

T4…Cincy leads 2-0

(Patrick) #13

Top 4th
Coogs down in order

M4…Cincy leads 2-0

(Patrick) #14

Bottom 4th
Wind blows a ball out to leadoff the inning…Cincy leads 3-0

Walk and a throwing error put runners on 1st/3rd with no outs. Double steal on the strikeout scores another run…Cincy leads 4-0

Randel done. Pulido on to pitch

Pulido escapes any further trouble

T5…Cincy leads 4-0

(Patrick) #15

Top 5th
Leadoff bunt single by Triolo, erased by a double play. 2 out single by Codiron, picked off.

This is embarrassing today

M5…Cincy leads 4-0

(Patrick) #16

Bottom 5th
Aguilar on to pitch
Leadoff single, picked off, hit by pitch, double play

T6…Cincy leads 4-0

(Patrick) #17

Top 6th
Bielo with a leadoff walk and Redden pinch hits for Lovelace and lines into a double play. Etzel triples, but is stranded

M6…Cincy leads 4-0

(steve saxenian) #18

So why would we ph Redden with Slaughter, Brown, etc available ?

(Patrick) #19

No idea. Slaughter must be in the doghouse or injured; don’t understand why he hasn’t gotten a chance this year.

(Patrick) #20

Bottom 6th
Aguilar strikes out the side

T7…Cincy leads 4-0

(Patrick) #21

Top 7th
Triolo with a 2 out walk and Cincy goes to the pen after Alldred goes 2-0 to Minter.

Minter walks, but the Coogs leave 2 stranded

M7…Cincy leads 4-0