Houston at Lamar, 6pm (W 8-7)

(Patrick) #21

I think it might be why he came back; wanted to show he could play in the field and Whiting may have promised it to him.

(Patrick) #22

1 out after the sacrifice.

(Tom Green) #23

Wait a minute You trying to tell me that’s Lockhart’s first rbi. That is hard for me to believe :exploding_head::fearful:. And Padgett, I expected a big year from.

(Tom Green) #24


(Patrick) #25

Yes sir.

(Tom Green) #26

So how many does Padgett have…like 2!

(Tom Green) #27

Davis probably has 70-80% of team RBIs. Incredible!!

(Patrick) #28

Padgett actually has 10, 3rd on the team behind Davis (37) and Triolo (16). Hyland has 9, Bielo has 7, Cherry and Burckel both have 6.

Coogs had 108 runs before tonight so Davis has driven in 34% of them. That’s a pretty large amount for one hitter.

(Patrick) #29

Top 9th

Davis monster bomb to leadoff…Coogs lead 8-7

Coogs down in order after that.

M9…UH leads 8-7

(Patrick) #30

Bottom 9th

Villarreal on to pitch.

  • K for Out 1
  • groundout to Villarreal for out 2
  • groundout to Triolo ends it


(Tom Green) #31

Thanks for pulling up. Or it’s probably already sitting on your left temple. :grinning:

(Tom Green) #32

Babe Ruth!

(Tom Green) #33

Last 3-4 yrs I would follow every gm as it’s in progress. This year as you can tell, not so much. Noticable with the thread in general…no one here.

(Patrick) #34

No, I was curious too. Bit surprised Padgett had that many, but he has some games he goes off.

(Patrick) #35

Definitely a lot quieter this year.

At least they came back and won tonight. Lamar had lost 6 in a row so definitely didn’t want to end that streak.

Now they get FIU at home tomorrow.


UH basketball kept my interest longer this year. Now I will pivot and turn my attention to baseball. Maybe others are like me in that regard but I hear ya… seems like there is less excitement this year-on the message boards anyway.

(Patrick) #37

More like 2 Babe Ruths. I was looking up RBI ratios and most top MLB hitters got up to around 17-18% of their team’s RBIs. Can’t really find college stats like that, but Davis has to be way up there.

(Patrick) #38

(Tom Green) #39

Does FIU play Rice this weekend here to come all the way for weekday game?

(Patrick) #40

Yes they do.