Houston at Memphis - Friday Doubleheader starting at 2pm (G1: L 7-3) (G2: L 6-4)

(Patrick) #21

Top 6th

With one out, Hyland homers…Tied 4-4

M6…Tied 4-4

(Patrick) #22

(Patrick) #23

Bottom of the 6th

2 out double followed by an error on Davis put runners on the corners. Rooney comes and gets Randel, brings in Bond

Flyout ends the inning

T7…Tied 4-4


They need Lockhart to play first Joe Davis is killing us at first base

(Patrick) #25

Top 7th

New pitcher for Memphis.

Coogs down in order

M7…Tied 4-4

(Patrick) #26

Bottom 7th

Villarreal on to pitch

1-2-3 inning for Freddy.

T8…Tied 4-4

(Patrick) #27

(Patrick) #28

Bottom 8th

Leadoff walk followed by a home run…Memphis leads 6-4

T9…Memphis leads 6-4

(Patrick) #29

Top 9th

New pitcher for Memphis

  • Thomas Ks looking
  • Burckel Ks looking
  • Fuentes infield single
  • Bielo single moves Fuentes to 2nd.
  • Triolo Ks looking

Coogs lose again: 6-4

Better win Sunday


Looking more and more like we are not going to make the tourney this year


This team is doing much worse that I expected this year. Think we might get some changes in the asst. coaches if things stay on this path?

(Patrick) #32

Last time we missed the tourney, Whiting just about cleaned house. Frank Anderson and 8 players returned from the previous year’s squad.

(Tom Green) #33

Does it matter at this point.


I just have a really hard time accepting that Coog Baseball is not a perennial Top 25 program…we have the facilities, located in a top 3 spot for youth baseball talent and the best JUCO pipeline in the nation…just baffling. Know majority really don’t care/follow the baseball program but dang, unlike the P5 block in FB, we can win a Natty here

(Tom Green) #35

I made pretty much the exact same statement at beginning of year . I said there’s no reason at this point Whitting shouldn’t have this program ranked in top25 to start ea year and I got blasted for it. Just feel program has underperformed last several yrs. Anyway I hope this yr gets turned around but I don’t see it. Nothing close to an ace on pitching staff or even a strong 1 n 2 SP to win some series. I’ll keep supporting!

(Dan) #36

So this was going on while the hoops team was sweet sixteen-ing? Sheesh.

(Tom Green) #37

As far as my post it was made about 1-2 hrs after our Sweet16 game if it matters to you. Not sure of the intent of your post, but since I was last to post I felt need to respond. Some of us do like baseball a lot and follow program very closely.

(Tom Green) #38

Btw as far as me I never ever look, post or read anything on any thread here during any Coog game I might be watching on TV.

(Dan) #39

Oh no Tom I meant the frustrating-this-year baseball team was dropping two games to not-good Memphis on the same day our hoops team was playing on the national stage. More like “this has not been a good Friday.” Nothing about you or the post. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

(Tom Green) #40

Gotcha , all good. Yea I’m big baseball fan as I played all through school. Yes, frustrating right now, issues w both sides-- hitting, pitching. I try to warn many on here b4 season started and got beat up little bit but it’s fine…worry more about my achy back every morning. Hopefully Whitting can get things turned around soon but feel this year will be below avg from prev seasons. #GoCoogs